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    Seeking Opinions on Commercial Printing Techniques from the Late 1940's - For Research

    Looks like they may have "Colorized" a Black & White photograph for he image
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    7cp with Equinox - which Pantone Solid colors are the least accurate?

    You will find that Pastels, Colors containing Pantone Purple , some greens and of course Metallics will give the most variance. For Metallic inks we offer Color-Logic as an option. So our 7-Color Process gang runs ore based on CMYKOGV + Color Logic Silver.
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    Any solutions for a quality hard case unit with shorter quantities

    Try On Demand Machinery
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    Playing Card Paper
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    New KM-1 Press and hot foil problem

    You may want to contact the folks at Komori as they sell the same press under the Komori brand and may have someone that has foil stamped over their inks
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    Packaging Production/Cost Question

    Nick, Not sure if you are a printer looking to run these items yourself or looking to purchase them. To answer your question, it will be less costly to gang them on one sheet and print them versus printing a generic card and applying stickers. If you you are considering purchasing these cards...
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    Expanded Gamut

    I agree with Gordo, it is not as simple as choosing a color set. You will need to determine which best fits your mix of colors and graphics, what screening technology you are using and ink set. If you have a large amount of colors towards the Blue Gamut you may want to use a Blue, if you have...
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    "Triplet Coated" material

    Try this material.
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    We also have a close relationship with another packaing printer in Germany that uses the Cold Foil Process on Offset Press. If you have any questiosn pfeel free to send me a PM.
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    monq, We apply both Cold Foil and Mirafoil on UV Flexo Press. In addition we also are a licensed/certified printer of the Color-Logic Metallic Print Process (Both Offset & Flexo) It sounds like you are a designer so the Color-Logic Design Software can be used to produce graphics for printing...
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    SMED in Printing

    I agree with Gordo, 7-Color, H-Def, Extended Gamut what ever name you want to call it can certainly help reduce the need to was-up the press. WE recently implemented this process for one of our customers that produces product for Private Label (Drug Store, Grocery Stores, etc...). Using the...
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    Expanded Gamut

    Thanks Gordo Esko and our ink supplier have been very helpful, just trying to get a feeling for what others are doing. Much easier to ask for help then to it is to spend more time and money chasing what others have already tried. The reason for the higher screen ruling on one of the colors I...
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    Expanded Gamut

    We are printing packaging for a private label manufacture and there are 80+ PMS Colors required in addition to CMYK that are required to print their entire product line. The goal is to create 1 or 2 color strategies that would work for the lion share of the colors. The colors expand the entire...
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    Expanded Gamut

    Ant suggestions on Extended Gamut Ink to use to help get closer to colors containing Pantone Purple. We tried CMYKOGV and CMYKOGB and CMYKOGV substituting Rhodamine for Magenta. The last option helps but still not close enough to get the custoer to sign off on High Chroma Purples.


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