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    Pricing jobs w/split billing & shipping

    What pricing strategy would typically be used for these three orders? Should these be billed as individual orders at full retail, discounted individual orders, or total quantity ordered? Job A is fairly straightforward, Job B is 50 Cost centers vs. 1, and Job C is a mix of the same and unique...
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    Pricing jobs w/split billing & shipping

    You are correct. The bills will be sent to a central location, each showing different addresses and cost centers. How would they know how much to charge each cost center from only one invoice? The quantities are not always standard between locations.
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    Pricing jobs w/split billing & shipping

    Hi All, I'm currently facing a challenge in determining the pricing for large orders with split billing and shipping. While I intend to be fair and reasonable, I also want to ensure we don't miss out on potential revenue. The orders we receive vary in terms of artwork. Some have identical...
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    Duplo 618 newbie

    I use "adjust image position" inside my paper catalog by printing a test sheet along with a guide sheet and scanning it back in. This gets my prints centered and printed at 100% without messing with shrinkage settings on the Duplo. If the borders are stupid tight and nothing else works, I will...
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    looking for advice about a good "book binding machine"

    We recently purchased a Digibinder Plus SG and couldn't be happier. Paired with their Iglue, the bind strength on digitally printed stocks is stellar. The machine is simple to use, deadly accurate, and repeatable. I felt it was a better product than the Duplo. Spiel was awesome to deal with...
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    Dealing with a pandemic

    How is everyone handling the pandemic? Have you been open to the public? Have your hours changed? Shift changed? How do you handle cleaning, disinfecting, and both employee and customer safety? What about social distancing? Are you accepting customer documents to copy or fax? Any...
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    Duplo DFL-500 Coat/Foil/Laminator

    Looking into this one again. Does anyone have any new information - good/bad? It also looks like Konica is joining in with the AccurioShine 101.
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    Logo Design -- legal review procedures?

    Understood. I think my question was more about what if we/you designed a logo from scratch that later turns out to be too close to someone else's that we've never seen before. Who would be the responsible party for any out of pocket client expenses?
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    Logo Design -- legal review procedures?

    Those questions got me thinking. What if we/you designed a logo, money was spent on signage (vehicles, building, etc.) and later got a cease and desist? Who would be financially responsible for the rebranding?
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    Logo Design -- legal review procedures?

    Hi all, For those of you who do logo design, do you also do any kind of legal review or trademark search on your designs? I'm filling out a new business insurance form and they ask: "Do the applicant's activities involve design of logos or trademarks?" "Description of legal review procedures...
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    Postcards - What is your Workflow??

    We will generally: 1. Add bleed / re-size if necessary with Pitstop Pro. 2. Drop them to Fiery. 3. Fiery Impose (with Duplo barcode). 4. Place them in our Duplo 616 Slitter/cutter/creaser. It's true that cutting on the guillotine is quicker, but the accuracy and automation are hard to beat...
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    Fiery + Duplo

    I posted almost the exact same thing a while back. There really needs to be an easier way to create & share templates. We are all doing the same things...
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    Brochure Folding ?

    So you have the same slitter we do. Did you find it difficult to buy another machine with similar capability to the 616 vs. just trying to add a knife folder? I know the Duplo unit only feeds from the larger slitter, but there may be other options such as Count..? I really don't want to spend...
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    Brochure Folding ?

    I just checked and most of our text-weight 12x18s' are long grain. That should be correct for a 2up tri-fold?
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    Brochure Folding ?

    Is that a knife folder? I assumed they were for cover stock only. I wasn't aware that I could use them for text weight as well.. So generally, crease before fold is typical for digital? I already have a Duplo 616 so I'd hate to have to purchase another creaser -- but I don't think this one...
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    Brochure Folding ?

    Interesting - I'll have to check on that as we do print them 2up. Can 100# text weight paper be cleanly folded without creasing? Does the added toner on the sheet make folding difficult and more prone to cracking? We also do a lot of booklets and bi-folds. Should I be keeping paper in both...
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    Guaranteed payment on mailing?

    Wow, that's some great information -- thanks all. I would never have imagined that money would have to be returned in cases of bankruptcy. That's a deal-breaker right there -- not worth the risk. The client hasn't followed up which is a good thing. If he ever does show what's the most...
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    Brochure Folding ?

    Hi All, I'm trying to find the best workflow for brochure printing. They seem to be a fairly low-priced commodity item and I'd like to do them as efficiently as possible. Some online printers even price them less than flyers. We are an all-digital shop and can't seem to fold anything over 70#...
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    Guaranteed payment on mailing?

    Being a digital shop it wouldn't make sense to print this in-house. I usually farm jobs like this out to a trade printer who does the printing and mailing. So my cost would be higher than printing in-house. But it is another option.. I'm more concerned about the validity of payment. Checks...
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    Guaranteed payment on mailing?

    Hi all, I had a new customer stop in yesterday who is liquidating & closing his retail business and wants to do a large EDDM run to the tune of $10,000. He said he could use vista but would rather support a local business even if it costs a little more. (His business is a few towns away?)...


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