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    Question regarding PSI on windows 10

    Hi, I have just stumbled across your post. EFI sold all their productivity software solutions to a new company: "e-productivity Software". Purpose-Built Software for Packaging & Print Industries However PSI is a very old product, so it is quite likely it won't be fully compatible with...
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    MIS Recommendation?

    Hi, we don't do trials, and neither do many because the system has to be setup around your specific business... but that is not to say you cannot "fly the plane"... it would be under hands-on guidance.
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    MIS Recommendation?

    You haven't looked seriously at Accura MIS @RytisT - CRM, MIS and Web2Print - Metric, Euros, can estimate digital (clicks), wide-format (area, linear metres, sheet or reel) - all fully integrated along with carrier integration, email, sms, voip, accounting-links - and at a...
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    Best MIS Scheduling Module

    Hi, What you are asking for requires an innate level of intelligence - AI Imagine all of the rules and governing factors that would need to be defined to make those kind of decisions with any human interaction (and get them right every time) - the system would have to know/understand you entire...
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    Creating a Business Front Website

    AP90 - Imo, important in your decision is not just initial price, or ongoing costs - but many other factors too. Not least is - How are you going to connect it to your MIS?... and is any such integration viable, or pretty limited in scope. Do you have to maintain two databases ongoing, prices...
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    Anyone heard of PrintLogic or Printware? Looking for MIS Suggestions

    inkmann - Be happy to help, if you want to take look. CRM - MIS and Web2Print all from one vendor for SMEs. - PrintLogic is about the cheapest thing you can buy. There is something for every type/size of business, but whatever you do checkout the supplier, checkout references...
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    MIS Recommendation?

    Hi RytisT - I've just seen your PM, and replied. So Printsmith is EFI's "entry-level" designed originally for storefront/franchise operations as it has modules like Point-of-sale (till/cash register). I would expect it to be easy to setup, I was referring to the other MIS suites further up the...
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    MIS Recommendation?

    RytisT and jwheeler - I think you're both right. Rytis your statements about the EFI MIS shows you have experience of one of their products (they have several), so I guess it depends on which one ou mean - EFI Pace, Printsmith, Monarch or a legacy system like PSI or Logic?. In our experience...
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    MIS Recommendation?

    Hi RytisT - which country are you located in?... You can private message me if you are still searching.
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    what is the best workflow for printing press ?

    We have sites in Bahrain, and the UAE, nto Jordan (yet). Accura Print Estimating - Order Processing - Job Costing - Stock Control - CRM - The Print MIS System of Choice
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    Print MIS and Presidio

    I don't think you will get much response publicly about PrintMIS as a company. The other one I have not heard of. If you are in search of a decent MIS supplier though, check out Accura Print Estimating - Order Processing - Job Costing - Stock Control - CRM - The Print MIS System of Choice
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    UK MIS provider seeking US East Coast reseller

    We are a UK MIS supplier looking for reseller partners on the East-coast USA. We primarilly target SME printers in all sectors (litho, digital, wide format, roll label/forms), and have around 600 client sites worldwide including the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and more recently the USA. We...


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