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    Looking to buy Heidelberg PM 74 2 or 2P

    Hello there, G&I is looking to buy Heidelberg PM 74 2P. Please send your offer with pictures and asking price at [email protected] regards George cell: 416 854 3804
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    1998 Polar 155 Autotrim ED-AT With one air board lift, board lift and a jogger

    We offer this Polar 155 ED AT system as owners With one air board lift, board lift and a jogger. Please contact us at [email protected]
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    Looking to buy used printing equipment

    Please send details, photos and asking price at: [email protected]
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    Looking to buy used printing equipment

    Thank you for your offer. We wouldn't buy it for stock but we can offer it to specific buyers to see if anybody has an interest.
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    Looking to buy used printing equipment

    Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately Ryobi presses are very hard to resell as the value is very low. Your best chance is to try to sell it locally
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    Looking to buy used printing equipment

    G&I Printing is looking to buy used printing equipment - offset presses, bindery, screen ctp's Please contact us if you have surplus equipment for sale regards, George G&I Printing cell/whatsapp: 416 854 3804
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    Looking to start a print business & need advice

    Hi @new2print , G&I Printing Machinery is experienced dealer of used printing equipment. If you need help to set up a printshop, we can help. Please contact us at [email protected] Located in Milton, Ontario Best regards George
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    Looking to buy Screen CTP's

    Dear Colleagues and Associates, G&I Printing Machinery is looking to buy used Screen CTP's - PT R 4000, 8000, 8300, 8600 etc Please send your offers with location, photos and asking price Best regards, George Cell: 416 854 3804 email: [email protected]
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    Used Equipment in Waldorf, Maryland

    Hi Steve, we are interested in 2005 AGFA Acento S Platemaker with auto plate punch (Screen Rite 4100) 2016 Xitron Sierra Adobe Prepress Workflow V6 running on a PC. Could you send us more details, readings and few more photos. Thank you in advance Best regards, George Nourkov Cell: 416 854...
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    Looking to buy

    Hi There, we are looking for Fuji Final Proof made by Screen. Any Age and Condition will be considered. Please contact us at :[email protected] or 416 854 3804 George
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    ctp purchase

    We have different variety of CTP's. Please contact us at [email protected]
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    Operating manual for SULBY auto minibinda mkII

    HI there, I sold a Sulby MKIII Minibinda. I need a operational manual for customer. Could you please help? Regards, Emanuela Nourkov G&I Printing [email protected]


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