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    Recommendation to fix wave like ghosting for UV printing

    We ran into this issue with our UV printers as well. You should check the print head calibration for alignment. Then play with your eclosion settings. I found that we we not actually putting enough ink down to get rid of it and so when we increased the eclosion percentage it would go away...
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    Gray's and Tan's

    No the graininess is coming form Magenta and Cyan not laying correctly. I have calibrated the print heads multiple times. Sent each Calibration under the microscope to our techs and they said that it cant get much better. I have created a new profile in Onyx and done all of the calibration...
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    Gray's and Tan's

    We have been having some issues with light greys, tans, and and kind of gradient. I was talking with some of the techs for our printers and they said that they though you were supposed to use light magenta and light cyan to accomplish this. Have any of you guys run into any similar issues? The...
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    Banding Issues

    To add, this printer is running Ricoh GEN5 print heads.
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    Banding Issues

    I am sure that this has been posted before but I cannot find one that solves my problems. I have a large format Imaxcan UV printer, I run Onyx Thrive. The files that I am running are just solid colors to test out the banding issues. I mad ethe files in Adobe InDesign. They are 100% K in...


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