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    Recommendations: Wide Format Rip or Layout Software?

    Flexi has a nice option that is a subsription model at $49.99 per month if you sign up for the annual contract. It's pretty affordable since most rips will cost you thousands to own outright and you'll have to pay for service contracts to stay current with the features that come out...
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    Wide Format Substrate Storage
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    Trouble shooting Startup Issue / Epson Surecolor S30670

    First thing I would do is flash the firmware. Then I would try changing the printers IP on the printer and on the RIP's
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    Need help on canvas printers to start a business

    Couldn't agree more Mike - It takes a certain amount of printing volume to justify going with the S80600 or HP Latex to meet the ROI of the delta between an aqueous Epson/Canon. $18,995 vs $3,995. There is a $0.15 delta in ink cost between solvent/latex and aqueous inks. Plus the coating costs...
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    Need help on canvas printers to start a business

    If you want to play the game you can send out your canvas uncoated on an aqueous printer and risk the customer coming back for their money back because the inks rubbed off or the inks faded. The proper way to finish a canvas off an aqueous printer is to coat the canvas. Breathing Color says if...
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    ecosolvent tyvek printing

    Every once in awhile you find a "bluebird" media that works with an ink technology it's not meant for. I think the nature of the material, tyvek, will absorb the inks into the base material better than others. Tyvek happens to be one of those medias - HP makes a Tyvek media as well, I've never...
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    HP Latex Flatbed R2000 Plus - GameChanging Technology

    I'd be happy to connect you with a couple end users - private message me
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    Epson F6200 color drift

    Forest - I can connect you with our Color Services Expert Jim Memije - He's very knowledgeable with the Epson Dye Sub machines and has done a ton of color work on them. Are you sublimating to metal with your 6200"s? What's your application? Send me an email and I'll connect you. I'll private...
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    Print your own Rigid Prototype Packaging - HP R-Series Latex Flatbed

    HP recently came out with the R-Series Flatbed units utilizing HP's evolving Latex ink technology. The R-Series comes in two sizes, the R1000 64" and the R2000 98" utilizing a hybrid belt fed feeding system. With the R-Series ink technology HP now has the ability to print direct to uncoated...
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    What is the difference?

    Jumping in here - Latex inks are very scratch resistant and can be wiped down with a damp cloth on wall Covering medias. For example, the HP PVC Wallpaper media is printed on, dunked in water and booked like a traditional wallpaper you'd buy from the local home improvement store. Then you...
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    UV ink ?

    Here you go "Green Printer"
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    UV ink ?

    You seem like a smart guy. You can post them yourself.
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    UV ink ? My goal on here was not to get into pissing matches with people. The latex inks...
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    UV ink ?

    Considering the competition out there in the industry, the latex inks are one of the most eco friendly inks in the rigid flatbed market. You took me a bit to literal there "Green printer"
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    UV ink ?

    Why don't you move to the future of rigid printing with the new HP R-Series Latex Flatbed Printers? Inks are green, not harmful to the environment, and look outstanding! 80% + coverage of the pantone library and amazing quality - Let me know if you have questions
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    Banner Design on iPhone?

    What type of printer do you have? If you get an HP Latex printer you can utilize the free HP WALL ART Software that comes with the printer as a design and printing tool. The software comes with up to 5 licenses that can be used on tablets or phones. Here is a link to the software...
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    HP Latex Flatbed R2000 Plus - GameChanging Technology

    HP came out with a gamechanging technology at ISA taking it's successful Latex ink technology and introducing it to the flatbed rigid market. HP has addressed to common issues customers face in the UV market currently with the new technology. I'll start with ink since it's the most obvious...
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    HP T1300 & Scrim vinyl

    The cutting is a setting in your control panel. You can turn off the cutting after every print job.
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    HP T1300 & Scrim vinyl

    Hello Radji, Those printer cut blades on the aqueous technical printers are designed to cut paper products not signage. Even on the big commercial HP Latex printers the cut blades on those have trouble with the thicker scrim vinyl. I'd keep a blade handy so you don't wear out your blade any...
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    Eco Solvent or Latex?

    To be clear......I'm not really asking where to go for answers. I'm reaching out to the forum to see if anyone else is looking for answers on this question. Seems to be a very popular one i run into at tradeshows. I can be a source for help and direction.


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