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    Heidelberg QM46-1 Error 15-01

    I got a good one .I fixed the 15-01 problem it was the BLT cable was misplaced with the operator.I find 3 power supplies Burnt for the laser drive but that was not the problem with 15-01 .now I have no errors at all but the press don't move unless you manually apply the manual brake...
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    Heidelberg QM46-1 Error 15-01

    This machine was working on 230vac 3phase Y .in the new building the voltage is 120/208Delta and the electrician doesn't think the high leg of the Delta is the problem.
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    Heidelberg QM46-1 Error 15-01

    I got 42vca and 57dc at TTK board
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    Heidelberg QM46-1 Error 15-01

    I had the 15-01 after the press was move from another location.,I check guards fuses etc. The encoder cable was loose cleaned and tighten it still have the 1501 error.any help will be appreciated.thank you


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