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  1. bwaikel

    QR codes variable data Cut and Stack

    Don't know if this helps but, I use BarTender to create the QR's from an excel spreadsheet as the data source and tell BT how I want it laid out (rows, columns, space between, size, etc.). Then I print to PDF and take that into Illustrator for finalizing the press sheet. Probably not a great...
  2. bwaikel

    The Best Software

    I need this application. I just spent 1.5 hours creating a proof for van graphics that I forgot to do (from the usual s**t artwork sent by the customer) in my garage on my time just to be able to keep my head above water during the scheduled work day. I'd be hitting CMD+SHIFT+S like you wouldn't...
  3. bwaikel

    Prepress Training

    A blanket reply to all comments: I believe a qualified prepress tech should somehow be involved with all of these "Graphic Arts" programs at any higher learning facility. Perhaps just a one day intensive or just the damned basics. I would do it for free just to save some poor tech down the road...
  4. bwaikel

    A Product's Life

    I got to the last image and thought that was gonna be the prepress guy.
  5. bwaikel

    Prepress Job Interview

    I know an idiot or 60 like that.
  6. bwaikel

    Buying Local

    Just by looking at her, I would probably fop her .ppt files onto someone else as well.
  7. bwaikel

    Fixing Files

    I saw that yesterday as well and didn't even bother to read it. The title alone was comedy gold. :-)
  8. bwaikel

    Fixing Files

    I beg to differ please...the most irritating mistakes I see are from "College Trained Professionals". If they paid to learn how to design for print and they are taught that rich black should be used on ALL text then someone should be fired from their teaching position. I had a 144pg, 5.5x8.5...
  9. bwaikel

    Customer Training

    Why do they not teach this in their "Colleges"? Because they do not care....just get the money and run.
  10. bwaikel

    Employee Asset

    Yep, I've known a couple of "Motivational Losers" like that. One can teach almost anything except for "giving a shit". Both were college graphic designers who felt they were above learning prepress.'re below it. Prepress is where the real education begins. Not interested? Then go...
  11. bwaikel

    Fixing Files

    So much yes!! I will no longer fix your "college graduate" mistakes for free. That may be un-professional of me but what does that make you? Although I did fix one today...Bosses cousin...what are ya gonna do?
  12. bwaikel

    The Eternal Issue

    An art?...oh yeah. A good prepress operator is like a surgeon. Surgically correcting shitty files that come from people who make way more than they do. It's been 6+ years since I've been in prepress, so perhaps there's now RIP software that automatically creates bleed where there was once none...
  13. bwaikel


    I just finally saw this. I cower corrected...ya got me. :-)
  14. bwaikel

    A Wage Issue

    I had lunch with our National Sales Manager and she told me that she had been accidentally CC'ed on an email to let her see the base pay of a newly acquired Regional Sales Manager which was more than she is making. We discussed how to broach that subject with the VP. Can't wait to hear what that...
  15. bwaikel


    You know what just hit me? Gordo has brilliantly found a vehicle to use comic sans in a way to not be laughed out of the business! If you're in a management position, and you think that the only fonts that are needed for an ad come standard with Windows, then Gordo is your man! Half of the...
  16. bwaikel

    Prepress Salary

    I love when RE:PRINT comes into the inbox! Is there a collection of them on the web somewhere, Gordo? I do not miss fixing someone's art who made far more money than I did. I taught my fair share of designers far more than their "professors" ever did. I Love printing and prepress and I don't...
  17. bwaikel

    Preps-Prinergy Evo Spot Color Issue

    Absolutely correct. I love preps but do not care for the preview function. I always run my .pjtf through the VPS to really find out what's what.
  18. bwaikel

    Colour identifier preps???

    If I understand your question correctly, you need to add a "text mark" to the bottom of your template. You should find it in the "add static mark" menu. What I do is add the following text mark to all of my templates... $Comment $Jobname $Date $Time $SigSide $Color I usually make the size of...


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