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  1. G5MacMan

    The Test

    2 for me, use to be able to get zero, (blames old horrid cheap monitor)
  2. G5MacMan

    Election Printing Errors in the news

    "Printing Error"👿 always makes my Blood Boil, 99.9% of the time the Error has nothing to do with the Printing process.
  3. G5MacMan

    Kodak Somora plate scratches

    Flag Bar, :sick: lost may hours of production because of this, and Kodak not letting me have spares. (but in the end V nice site engineers did) stupid design just like the Finger grips for picking up the Tissue papers
  4. G5MacMan

    Bizarre issue with Ricoh flipping every fourth page 180 degrees

    Does the fault still happen if you impose the job (i know some people print without imposing)
  5. G5MacMan

    Glass like laminate?

    Sublimation print is all in one hit, so yes
  6. G5MacMan

    Glass like laminate?

    plenty of double sided sublimation around
  7. G5MacMan

    Glass like laminate?

    Could be Dye sublimation, i use to do Coasters and the Shine / Gloss on them were incredible.
  8. G5MacMan

    Need to purchase a scanner - seeking recommendation

    We use a Epson GT-15000 with VueScan (y) size matches your requirements and 2nd hand on Ebay seen them from £299
  9. G5MacMan

    Prinergy, Plates and Calibration

    :ROFLMAO: (y)
  10. G5MacMan

    HP Indigo Alternatives - Ideally something that is not dry-toner based

  11. G5MacMan

    New Imposition Software Needed

    Just tried Montax, on my Mac Mini using CrossOver app. The demo is very limited, but for me its the only app i have found thats remotely like old school Preps, (make a template, drag pages on to 1st page etc)
  12. G5MacMan

    Looking to upgrade from StudioRIP

    Anybody using Prinergy Cloud?
  13. G5MacMan

    Looking to upgrade from StudioRIP

    We have had this since 2019, original purchase was down to cost. Biggest problem is the Imposing part, its fine for seasoned experts but no good for studio peeps starting out. Manager is moving towards Kodak Cloud solution. (not against this, but i expect a high learning curve from last using...
  14. G5MacMan

    Why Mac?

    Lots of reasons why the industry use macs and not gate box's 1, They just work. personally been using macs in pre-press for 30 years now, never had one fail. 2, Bosses like how they look 3. Status 4. Performance 5 Value for money 6. Less Virus issues i could go on and on main reason in the past...
  15. G5MacMan

    Quick "bump plate" question...

    Scavenger plate where i was brought up
  16. G5MacMan

    New Imposition Software Needed

    I believe the poster is not looking to break the bank with the cost, so would Presume Kodak is not a option starting at 25K or £250 a month for the clown version
  17. G5MacMan

    New Imposition Software Needed

    Imposition Studio


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