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  1. Mike the Print Man

    Quickly Convert Digital RGB Output to Print CMYK With Adobe Acrobat

    Video I did answering a question to a post on Reddit. Designer was using InDesign mostly for digital content so all their swatches were in RGB, but occasionally they wanted to output to CMYK and maintain their clients branding standards. I made a little example of how this can be achieved via a...
  2. Mike the Print Man

    Using One InDesign Document to Manage All Collateral for a Company

    That was one reason why I suggested using linked InDesign files instead of doing the design work directly in the "Master" file. Plus, in the example I gave in the video, the customer would supply us with InDesign files already, so there was no need to copy all the work they already did, I would...
  3. Mike the Print Man

    Using One InDesign Document to Manage All Collateral for a Company

    Just did this video and thought I would share. Let me know what you think, if you find something like this useful or not. Thanks.
  4. Mike the Print Man

    Using the New AI Image Generator "Text to Image" in Adobe InDesign

    I know it's still in Beta testing mode, so I'm sure there are going to be some tweaks to it. Like @gordo said, I don't it's right if the photographers aren't getting their credit. I just made the video to show people how their can use the feature.
  5. Mike the Print Man

    Using the New AI Image Generator "Text to Image" in Adobe InDesign

    Just did a video on the new feature in InDesign called "Text to Image". Basically allows you to search for stock images to use in your design, directly from within InDesign.
  6. Mike the Print Man

    How to Create a Hidden "Printer Friendly" Version of a PDF with InDesign & Acrobat Pro

    Saw a post the other day asking about this on Reddit, so I figured I would do a little video on it. Hopefully it'll help someone out. Doesn't really apply too much to commercial printing, but maybe someone has some use for it.
  7. Mike the Print Man

    Rich Black vs. 100% Black and How to Quickly Swap Them in Acrobat Pro

    Did a video discussing Rich Black vs. 100% Black with a Adobe Preflight on how to swap them back and forth quickly. Let me know if you like it. Thanks.
  8. Mike the Print Man

    Print Shop Departments and who goes where?

    Not having prepress in the same building as your production staff would be a nightmare. I can count at least a dozen times a day when a press operator comes into the prepress department to ask a question, or bindery needs clarification on how to fold a unique job. Sales and admin could certainly...
  9. Mike the Print Man

    How to Convert an Image to a Spot Color in Adobe Acrobat

    Here is my latest video that shows how to convert any image to a spot PMS color directly through Acrobat using a preflight function. Hope someone gets some use out of it.
  10. Mike the Print Man

    Swapping out year old KM7090 for Ricoh 7500

    We had a c7110. It was a good machine for us, but seldom used the 5th color station with the exception of one customer who wanted "spot uv" look to their business cards. The rest of the time we just ran it as CMYK. When it came time for the lease to end we switched the c9200 instead. Unless...
  11. Mike the Print Man

    Dealing With Canva Files and RGB vs. CMYK

    Had a few subscribers reach out and ask about dealing with issues on Canva files, so I made this video. I talk a little about RGB vs. CMYK also. Hope it helps someone.
  12. Mike the Print Man

    Morgana Digifold Pro XL vs Multigraf CF375

    I've used the CF375 for a long time. 80 text will work, but it's not ideal. The best stocks are cover stocks. It's meant more for digitally printed material, and for doing score and folds. I have folded as thin as 60# text on it before, but it's not the best for that application. I have not...
  13. Mike the Print Man

    Identifying High Quality Print Companies

    In my opinion a plant tour is always the best way to determine a high quality shop. If you go there and see a messy place and old equipment that doesn't look taken care of, then that is a red flag to me. I want to work with a company that is well organized and uses newer equipment, or at least...
  14. Mike the Print Man

    Creating Proof Sheets - How to and Why

    Here is my recent video on how to create proof sheets and why they are important. Hope someone gets some use of it.
  15. Mike the Print Man

    How to Quickly Duplicate Pages in Adobe Acrobat

    Glad you found it helpful. I've got a couple others on my channel that might be of interest to you. Feel free to check those out and leave a comment. Thanks.
  16. Mike the Print Man

    How to Quickly Duplicate Pages in Adobe Acrobat

    Another one.
  17. Mike the Print Man

    Easy ID Badge Creation Using Data Merge in InDesign

    Thought I'd share.
  18. Mike the Print Man

    Create Barcodes for a Gift Card in Adobe InDesign

    Thought I'd share. Let me know if you have a better way, I'm not super familiar with barcode generation besides doing it this way.
  19. Mike the Print Man

    Microsoft Print to PDF driver and difficult documents

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Troublesome PDFs like this, I usually export as a .ps file and then run it through Distiller using whatever settings I like. Seems to do the trick 99% of the time.
  20. Mike the Print Man

    How to Use InDesign to Create Sticker Cut Lines - (Faster than Illustrator!!!)

    I find this method faster than using Illustrator. Let me know what you think.


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