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    M3 measurements

    Just wondering of the reason(s) a offset printer may use M3 with polarizer filter on when measuring colour bars on press sheet. I might be uninformed but I thought M3 was used in the garment industry.
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    SCCA Calculator

    Does anyone know of an unlocked SCCA Calculator where I can input other profiles besides Gracol, etc. Also different datasets.
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    Idealliance SCCA Calculator

    Is there a way to load different ICC Profiles as well as different IT8 text files into this calculator, or am I stuck with what the calculator comes with? I'm using Excel on a Mac.
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    Does anyone have or know of a good definition of a contract proof? We colour manage an Indigo Press for our proofing. We proof for printers worldwide; usually on their supplied stock. Some printers will put a loop to the proof and see 'dots' on the proof that are not in the file and then all...
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    Does anyone have a good definition of what a proof actually is. Example: "A proof is a simulation of what a printing press should produce ......." or something similar.


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