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    Starting out printing labels

    My advice is to check with volume of labels. Digital Roll to Roll machine can help you but die cutting and special colors are the challenge. Narrow web flexo machine can do online. But investment is the challenge.
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    Printing on PP

    Hi Vedo, 1. UV dryers are must if you are using UV inks. No alternative for this. If your machine is configured for water base, check with dryers, may be temperature also impact on material. Is digital print help here? 2. sleeves are the alternative solution for continues print. Go for it.
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    Stepping out Flexo plates by hand....question on bearer bars!

    definitely yes, design your file completely, (step n repeat file) along with bearer bar n marks you needed on the plat before you distort the file.
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    UV Intensity with time

    Hi All, Please explain UV ink curing system in flexo.. 1. What is the intensity required for UV ink curing and what is the time.
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    Cold Foil

    Yes it is required special foil bond. what type of inks you are using.. UV inks or water based?
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    Hi Hope this old file may help you
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    Esko CDI Spark 5080

    hi Dersu, please send me details to
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    Trueflow vs Esko Automation Engine

    ESKO Automation is very easy and good automation engine.
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    Carpet in Prepress?

    We never used carpet in pre-press.
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    Question on Flexo Plate Registration Marks/Bearer Bars

    hi shorty, normally %age marked are used to check dot gain %age and we use only 50% of each color at both side of bear bar. The reason of using both side is to understand the pressure at operator side and gear side. Also use target marks to understand pressure setting. Hope this may helps u.
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    PS issue from CorelDraw

    hi Madhu, convert all text to outlines if any in file. Save as it with other name and try with selecting correct ppd.
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    3d Printing Technology

    Hi All, Is there any one know about 3d printing Technology from design to print.
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    Question on screen angle

    Hi, Also check with adding 7.5º angel to your screen angel. This is used for older anilox in flexo. No need to add additional angel if you are printing on flexo and anilox screen rolling is 60º. Check with color %age in design and use which color %age is lessor. But why over printing on PMS color?
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    i have this problem (photo)

    maintenance required
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    Urgent Help needed

    Yes it is works and easy to trace.
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    Flexo Screen Angle for Single Color

    hi, as long as u use 2400 DPI, mentioned screen angles are ok. you can use black angle since you are using single color.
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    PDF Password Removal

    Normally design centers saving PDF with low resolution and adding password to not use it for production. Make sure it may not impact on your production quality. And most important is as Mr. Gardo said.

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