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    Help with Fiery Workstation 5...

    My experience with them has been that the Fiery team will listen, but they hardly ever do anything. I guess other experiences may vary.
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    Help with Fiery Workstation 5...

    While V6 is definitely more stable, I would challenge anyone who uses a central workstation to access 4+ Fierys at once and compare ease of use of 5.8 to V6. With version 6's insistent expansion of all printer details on the left, it makes it impossible to quickly navigate from one Fiery to the...
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    Canon C10000VP VS Ricoh 9200

    They are right on here. Stay away from the Canon. Anyone who bought an 8000/1000 should have learned their lesson by now.
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    UV Coater

    Hello, Looking to purchase a Graphic Whizard coater for digital work. I've been quoted an XDC370M ASM and being told this unit has easy, push button changeover from gloss, matte, to soft; push button clean up; and nearly no fumes are emitted. Do other shops out there agree with these...
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    Phase Converter

    Yeah, rotary, that's the word I was looking for. It sounds daunting to consider moving but I've only heard bad things about these converters. I would for sure work with an expert electrician that has been through this before. Then he can be insured to replace the equipment when something gets...
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    New iJet NXT Print/RIP issues

    They constantly brag how great their service is, so I would challenge them with your issues....never been impressed with their finished product personally.
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    Phase Converter

    Don't know much about this, but from what I've been told, stay away from the analog phase converters. The digital converters are supposed to be far better. My second suggestion would be to find a different building or get 3 phase to your location. You'll have less headaches in the end.
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    Digital Envelope printer Info

    We had Riso's biggest and best GD950 (I believe) with the Fiery RIP for envelope printing in here two years ago. I would hardly call the color quality on par with any color laser I've seen in the past decade. The machine couldn't run 100 envelopes without jamming even though that was the only...
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    Canon C750 - Uneven Magenta Ink Lay

    I can show this to my tech when they come next time, but have they replaced the transfer belt?
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    IJETCOLOR NXT or Classic Model?

    If you want eye popping color, see if Xante's new engine is an option. Their consumables will be higher. If you are satisfied with 'good enough' business color, then ijet would be an option. I'm not a fan of the company so would base my purchase on who can service it in my shop. I would also...
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    Not me. Most of the mailing vendors were in Chicago, not Dallas and I don't have the time to go to both. Print 19 was very productive if the right vendors were there for your business. The show floor was pretty small though. Xerox was plenty busy since they were the only game in town.
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    ink consumption monitoring

    Apfill Ink Coverage Meter. I used to use it a lot, not much anymore. It scans PDFs for CMYK/RGB coverage and is pretty easy to use.
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    Digital copier verses digital offset press

    So it sounds like you guys aren't buying the hype that running on one of these is 75% cheaper than a copier? I don't believe so either when you factor in labor, I just don't know how much labor to account for when comparing it to running a copier. I don't think a trade printer would work for...
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    Digital copier verses digital offset press

    Correct, that is one way to look at it and a typical scenario for us.
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    Digital copier verses digital offset press

    I've been told by different printers that Presstek has become more reasonable with their prices since Mark Andy bought them. A roll of plates is now under $800 and service had dropped in half or more. Exactly what you mentioned is my concern. 1 person can run many, many copiers, but 1 person...
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    Print United vs Print/Graph Expo

    So are Canon, Konica, and Ricoh all skipping Chicago this year....?
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    Digital copier verses digital offset press

    Thank you everyone who has responded already. These are all great points and it's interesting hearing the different experiences/opinions. I've gone out to a copier competitor to get a bid on a faster, larger, better machine as well as asked my current vendor to sharpen their pencils and see...
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    Digital copier verses digital offset press

    Hello, I know this has been asked before in some fashion or another, but it seems each situation is different. We have run all digital copiers since we started this company over 10 years ago. A side part of the business is printing newsletters and slips which don't have any personalization on...
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    Riso 9630

    Didn't care for their quality or Support on the GD9630 with Fiery. Returned it after 3 months. They didn't seem to care about solving the issues we were having with envelopes.

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