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    New PDF Tool Empowers File Validation by CSRs

    Probably draw a cartoon! :)
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    New PDF Tool Empowers File Validation by CSRs

    It's a manual email, not automatic. The idea is that you save a draft of a basic framework so you save a bit of time not having to start from scratch every time. You can also chose of course not to send the email at all. Whatever works for your production.
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    Where did all my color libraries go??? Acrobat Pro DC

    do you have anything in the search box for the colors? Try selecting in the box and then deleting?
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    A little overview of what's coming in PitStop 2021

    And another one. Booklet imposition anyone?
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    A little overview of what's coming in PitStop 2021

    Hope you find this interesting.
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    looking for inksave software for supplied PDF file for offset printing

    PitStop won’t help you as we don’t ship inksaving devicelinks. Inksaving basically means replacing expensive CMY with K using Devicelink technology. If it were me, I would opt for a dynamic devicelink solution, that builds Devicelinks on the fly. Remember colour management goes from source to...
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    Variable data files as a service?

    Just a note of caution, make sure that quote for the software covers that you want to use it as a service to charge others. The standard End User License Agreement probably does not allow the software to be used that way.
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    Numbering Multiple Pages With The Same Page Number

    I guess this is PitStop related? Can you drop me a mail please, can explain.
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    Switch / EAL idea - thoughts?

    I think you might be over complicating it. Why bother using a graphic or a barcode when you can do it by adding a line of text instead. Add a line of text on the file with the die, put it somewhere consistent Then use the EAL - Select text by key phrase (look for the text you can use a...
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    Switch - sort pdfs by size

    Single line text with variables > Stats variable > Trim Box Height/Width will work, you can set a tolerance as well You can then route on that?
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    Can't reverse page order in an action?

    These might be useful for you as well, as Printplanet is not looked at everyday.
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    Can't reverse page order in an action?

    You need to use a 'Split Action List' to paste backwards, this is something relatively new. PitStop 2019 if I remember correctly. To explain, Action Lists are linear, so they move forwards through the document doing whatever checks and fixes you request. So you can cut and paste forwards, but...
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    Groups out of order when Import > Import Group

    Had this on another forum, you can rearrange them here.
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    has anyone used Enfocus online proofing.

    hmm we need to talk, will drop you a PM.
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    Moving the first page image to match end paper and cover page of a book

    If I understand you correctly you are talking about the spine here and the hinge for perfect bound work. You are moving content from the facing page across the spine for alignment and basically bleed? I think in other applications you don't have to worry about this so much (thinking back to...
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    Any word on that Pitstop Pro (Catalina) installer?

    In beta at the moment, should be available in a few weeks. If you want to try the beta please let me know. It's mainly bug fixes and macOS 11 Big Sur support on Intel only.
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    Colors Used in a PDF

    Ok so you need to take into account two pages, odd and even. The gather color Action is the one to try.
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    Cannot get marks placed

    If your Crop Box is the same size as your Trim Box, you are not going to see anything outside the Trim Box in Acrobat, as it honors the Crop Box. I tend to just delete the Crop Box as it's not needed and causes confusion. Wireframe or the PitStop Page Boxes Tool will show you if they are there...
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    Colors Used in a PDF

    You probably need the Gather Color Action, and a report then depending on what you want to do next. Take the XMLv3 report and then you can parse the report in Switch and do something with the data. When you say 3/1, are talking about a single side of a page or is the /1 the back up?
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    PDF Choking APPE - Best Practice?

    Looks like you have one image of 834 mb's. Not sure how big the page is, but you should probably take a look at resolutions as well. You might be able to reduce the amount of data the rip has to process


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