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    DC700 freeflow to fiery conversion- the Saga continues

    Check this: DocuColor LifeTime Non Expiring License
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    DC700 freeflow to fiery conversion- the Saga continues

    Just find someone to sell you a lifetime license for the FreeFlow server, that should be cheaper than buying a used Fiery
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    Fiery Job Parameters delay in opening

    Thanks, just glad to help
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    Fiery Job Parameters delay in opening

    I think you need to have the V80 switched on
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    Fiery Job Parameters delay in opening

    HI. try to open the paper catalog and check how many paper types are there. There is a bug in the Fiery software thats duplicate paper catalog entries. Fiery issued a this patch for this, Customer Service.
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    Cut Sheet Color Printers that natively support AFP/IPDS?

    Any Xerox Production printer with Freeflow server has the AFP/IPDS option
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    Xerox 700 streaking, banding, large area coverage and light color

    Hi Do you have part numbers for the 5000 dev housing ?
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    Advice for perfect binder

    Hi all. I am looking to buy a perfect binder, I have been using Fastbind Elite (Bookbinding Machines, Book Binding Equipment, Fastbind Book Binding), and we need more speed. We are small quick/digital printer doing short run books (1 - 500) This is our demands. - Small footprint - more...
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    Novice Questions Re: Imposition

    The Duplo DC-615 and this program works very nice: Ultimate Technographics - Home Page But Quite impose is my favorite Quite at Home Good luck !
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    Ricoh C900 replacing two DC250 ?

    Has anyone got quoted on the C900, Box price and running cost ? Best regards, B
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    Ricoh C900 replacing two DC250 ?

    Hmm..... crap prints ? How would you compare the quality of the C900 to a C6500 or a X-700 I do agree, no one will buy a crap print. The samples Ricoh sales showed me was OK, but I still have to test my own files, or better see a machine in action and test my files there :D B
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    Ricoh C900 replacing two DC250 ?

    The 700 and KM don't have the same on-line finishing that the C900 have..... Like: - Perfect binding, - GBC streampunch ( Punching for wire binding) - Professional booklet making, and more, connected to the same engine nice features ! B
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    Ricoh C900 replacing two DC250 ?

    Hi everybody. I run a small printshop, mainly printing short run books, manuals, etc. I am running for my production Docutech 6135 and 2 Dc250's. My volume is around 80.000 print pr. month in color and 1 million in BW. The color volume is growing, and I expect to double the volume in next 12...
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    Which docucolor prints 12 x 47 in size?

    The old Xerox DC130 ( Xeikon engine) can print 20" x to almost unlimted length The old Xerox 7300 printer could do banners Anyone can glue sheets on a cardboard :D But the IGEN has the biggest sheets size ! Bjorgvin
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    W2P for book on demand

    Do you have any reference sites ? Bjorgvin
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    W2P for book on demand

    Hi, I run a small printshop, and we are looking for a W2P solution for our current jobs, wich are mainly short run books, both in BW and color. We are looking for a solution so our customers can upload jobs (PDF, MS Word, etc) and get price estimate online. Any ideas ? Best regards, B


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