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    PACKZVIEW - Free PDF Quality Control Tool

    HYBRID software are offering a free stripped down “viewer” version of their PACKZ native PDF editor. Get your activation code for free at the following link: Stephen Marsh
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    CMA Imaging

    Just curious if anybody knows more about this company and products, either general knowledge, first hand use etc. Are they the OEM, or do they rebadge other software (EFI, CGS, GMG), rebrand other media etc?
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    Win .BAT file Move & Rename Using File Modified Date - Not Run Date

    I’m not sure if what I wish to do is possible, I have spent a lot of time searching without much luck. I’m looking for a Windows native command line to use in a simple .bat or .cmd file that is available to many different Windows OS. I don’t want any third party software dependencies that...
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    Methodology for New Tooling?

    I am interested in how folk that live and breath narrow web flexo labels work out their new tooling, any constructive feedback would be great… I am of course open to specific links to further info. Trying to keep it simple for now, lets just say that we have a 6 colour narrow web press with the...
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    IMAP, Apple Mail Rules & iPhone Blues

    We used to use a POP based mail server. However we have moved to a different email provider and they use IMAP. Still trying to come to grips with the inherent differences between the two. Whenever my Mac’s Apple Mail moves a message from the main inbox to one of the mailboxes setup for use with...
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    Apple Automator + Multiple Variables?

    Using Automator, I can run a shell script (bin/bash) as arguments and have a single text variable dialog box appear to be populated by ONE input value. I have attached a screenshot. Is it possible to enter in multiple inputs, perhaps separated by a comma? Example: Keyword 1, Keyword 2...
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    Force Empty Trash Shell Script in Automator

    In OS 10.11 Apple removed the option to securely empty the trash (as multiple pass overwrites are not good for SSD). I used to use this feature to force empty the trash. OS 10.11 often requires that an open application be quit for the trash to empty a file that was recently opened. I searched...
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    Can You Please Test – Colour or Mono Click?

    I am not hoping for definitive answers, as it probably depends on the RIP/DFE, however some answers would be good… If anybody is interested in answering how click rates are triggered, I have four test files in a 2mb .zip package for testing...
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    Apple Automator Mavens?

    I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Apple Automator. Some things work as intended, nice and easy. Other things that should be easy either don’t work as intended or I am missing something that should be “obvious”. Is anybody out there proficient with Automator? For example, I often...
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    MS Windows Explorer Alternative

    I am looking for a replacement for the standard Windows Explorer, with one specific feature. All I wish is to have a single window/view open and see ALL the contents of a parent folder – including all sub folders and files in all sub folders (just like on the Mac OS). If this is a limitation...
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    Kongsberg Table Camera Marks in CAD File?

    We have a client that was either not trained or did not pay attention if they were trained:] They wish to cut their flexo plate on their Kongsberg table. I presume that they should be including special rego marks or eyespots in their plate files for the camera system. What about the CAD files...
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    Plotting 3D Pantone Colours against an ICC profile

    I have seen some of you post 3D renders, comparing say the Pantone library against a particular ICC profile. I was wondering what software you use to do this, and - if you could perhaps do me a favour and produce a plot or report of what is possible if you are provided with an ICC profile...
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    Illustrator Variable Data Script

    As a community service announcement, I would like to share the following “VariableImporter” script created by Vasily Hall. The script is hosted over at GitHub: ter.jsx I was a beta tester of this free...
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    What software drives your Kongsberg Cutting Table?

    Why would a copy of Artios or perhaps some other unknown DFE controlling/driving an Esko Kongsberg cutting table not be able to import/use/plot a standard .CF2 (CFF2) CAD file? Does such a setup only work with or require proprietary Esko file plotting formats such as .ACM? Stephen Marsh
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    JDF for Proofing

    Sending proofing files from Prinergy to a non Kodak proofing RIP. Obviously, sending a refined PDF or a vector output PDF, still has the chance for differences between what Prinergy may RIP and what the proofing RIP may generate. Rather than output of a vector PDF, we can of course output a...
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    Convert PDF Spot Alternate Colourspace from CMYK to Lab

    I have been looking for a way to convert PDF Spot Alternate Colourspace from CMYK to Lab builds. Both Acrobat’s native preflight and PitStop Pro 12 have the ability to convert from Lab to CMYK, but not the other way. It in theory should be simple enough to create an action list to select any...
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    Acrobat Pro Preflight Fix to set Output Intent to Adobe RGB (1988)

    Today I was attempting to set a PDF with an explicit output intent of Adobe RGB (1988). The only RGB output intent that I could set and pick up in output preview was sRGB. It appears that there are only a handful of hard wired output intent profiles in Acrobat Pro X preflight/fixups - and...
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    Acrobat Pro / Edit Object / Properties / Color Conversion

    When using the Acrobat Pro / Edit Object / Properties / Color Conversion option, on Windows OS there is an option to convert to “Black & White” (which results in a solid 100% greyscale colour space object). This option does not appear to exist on the Mac OS version. Why? Is this an ICC profile...
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    What are your Scheduling/Planning Considerations?

    I am interested in what your company uses to help plan work in order to meet the due date. This scheduling/planning info could be for any department, however may be focussed on print and or finishing, or perhaps even taking outsourcing into account. I have searched the forum for past...
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    17” Rolls of Kodak SM240P T1 Inkjet Proofing Media - Runout Price

    17” Rolls of Kodak SM240P T1 Inkjet Proofing Media - Runout Price, can be used for high end proofing or cheap point of sale posters at this price! We are based in Australia and will ship anywhere in Australia, minimum 10 rolls per order. Send me a message if you are interested! Stephen Marsh


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