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    Rampage client issue.

    Now just have to find a window XP driver for the Rampage series m Board. I'd call fuji , but it's a 500 charge to just give me a driver. Pays to search 1st. If anyone has an old site to download it from, that would be great.
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    Rampage client issue.

    Thank you, found it. crazy permissions
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    Rampage client issue.

    If I launch the client before launching the rips, The client works, Then I launch the rips , the files go thru, However if I edit colors, the pagelist is locked up, and if I then turn off the rips, The client on mac will let me edit the colors, then turn back on the rip, the pages go thru. then...
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    Rampage client issue.

    A few times. It seems like an outside workstation has access to the rampage pagelist. I must be missing a setting or a file that needs to be deleted to get the workstation to be able to use the client on the mac. Thanks for trying.
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    Rampage client issue.

    Had to reinstall rampage 11.3 on new apple server. After figuring out all the setting, the client, getting an error on the mac, it says Error -50 "pagelist file is opened exclusively by another application/ workstation. Does anyone know where/ how to clear this? It's the only workstation with...
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    Rampage, Have re-install the entire application.

    Does anyone know how to create a Device. I can't seem to find the application that creates the FPO's. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using v11. Thank you


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