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  1. Steve_S

    UV Flatbed recommendations

    Hello- We have outgrown our starter hybrid flatbed and are looking to purchase a 4x8 UV Flatbed soon. Most volume is PVC and Coro so far, but will likely add to that soon. So far, we are looking at these: CET Q5-500 Mimaki JFX 200 2513 EX Canon Arizona 1340 / 1240 Curious to hear from anyone...
  2. Steve_S

    Hardware or Process suggestions?

    We are running into some issues with bloated processing times on a very large and complex VDP run we do monthly. I am not sure if we can improve this on the hardware side, like with a MacPro that is pretty built up, or if the whole process is just set up to be on the slow side. I'll try to...
  3. Steve_S

    Small Press Wash?

    We are looking for a good small press wash for our QM 46-2 presses. Something very low VOC / low odor / "greener" would be a bonus. Any good suggestions?
  4. Steve_S

    How long to Archive?

    What is the industry "standard" (as if there are any...) for filing client art/digital assets before purging? 3 years? 5 years? Trying to streamline our archival area without causing an inconvenience for clients.
  5. Steve_S

    Polar 66 screen

    Our Polar 66 just had the screen go REALLY dark - readable, but tough for my 44 yr old eyes :D Anyone ever seen this? If so, how bad is Heidelberg going to eat our lunch? :(
  6. Steve_S

    Hyperlinks in Exported SWF not working

    We are making an SWF "flip-book" for a client to go on their website as a supplement to a printed booklet. Everything is working perfect, including buttons and transitions, but the Hyperlinks on the pages are not working. Export palette is set to include hyperlinks, set to use URL, and...
  7. Steve_S

    Epson 7900CTP

    Has anyone seen plate samples or printed samples from the Epson 7900CTP? I am interested in finding out more about it.
  8. Steve_S

    In Design Plugin issue

    Is there a way to disassociate files from an old plugin? We have a book we are editing that was originally designed in CS3 and is going through new edit cycles. When we had CS3 installed, we were using an old plugin that we no longer use and was uninstalled prior to our current upgrade to CS5...
  9. Steve_S

    Short Run Envelopes

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for a decent laser printer for addressing envelopes, mostly under 500 but occasionally up to 1000? Not really looking to spend what the Xante costs right now (really only need B&W) but need something that is reliable. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  10. Steve_S

    Social Media?

    Is anyone out there publishing Print Industry related articles that are subscription based or RSS that could then be pushed to Twitter/Facebook accounts?
  11. Steve_S

    B&W Volume pricing

    Interested to know approximately what folks from other areas are paying for click rates on high volume B&W - docutechs, etc. We seem to have a bunch of "heel nibblers" locally that are charging barely enough to even turn on our equipment on B&W copies. Just curious.
  12. Steve_S

    Xerox DocuColor 6060 for sale

    SOLD, sorry! 6/9/09 For sale - Xerox 6060 Currently under Xerox Service Standard Offset Catch Tray Scanner with Document Feeder Creo Spire CXP6000, ver 4.01 3.1 million meter Inquiries
  13. Steve_S

    Oce CS650 / KM 6500 Drum Issue

    Any of you with the 65xx series being affected by the drum cleaning blades flipping and seizing the drum? We are told it is a Konica manufacturing issue, but it is causing some serious down time for us.
  14. Steve_S

    PrintSmith Site

    We are getting set up for PrintSmith Site and wanted to get some feedback from users who have some miles under their belts on the product. We are only about 2 yrs in on PrintSmith (former Visual Printleader) and are fairly happy with the MIS. Any pitfalls to watch for or tips to help ramp up...


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