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    Xerox 550 vs Versant 180....Post installation regret.

    I certainly understand the frustration of thinking a machine is going to be the answer to all your problems, pinning your hopes and dreams on that for months and months and then finally getting the machine and discovering that it has it's own set of problems. It's the age-old "grass is greener"...
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    Thoughts on Xerox Versant 3100 ??

    We have a V2100 and the banding/streak issues are common. Xerox states that they cannot fix it and that it is within speck. Some streak issue can be fixed by replacing the transfer belt if that's causing it and/or a defective drum but the banding has never been fixed to my satisfaction. We...
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    Job Interview No No

    This forum is valuable training/learning time. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
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    Discontinuing Blazer???

    We were using Blazer as well and our supplier switched us to Titan. I think the stock available depends on where you are located in the world.
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    HenKaku Arrives!

    Minor details.
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    Estimating the Ink Costs on a given wide format machine?

    This is exactly how my brain works. The ideal thing would be to be able to run all these numbers first and buy the machine that cost the least to run. Of course, then you have quality issues to consider too. I’ve been spoiled by having only click charges to deal with 🤣
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    Estimating the Ink Costs on a given wide format machine?

    I've been tasked with researching wide-format printers. Our shop is entirely digital and we have a click charge on everything we print with right now. I'm having trouble estimating the average cost of prints on machines that don't have a click charge. I imagine that the operating cost of the...
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    Seeking advice of speeding up production of notepads

    I found this thing on MyBinding's website: But I wouldn't pay $11k for it. :-)
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    Recommendations for corner stapling machine?

    We’d have to hand feed each set. We already have multiple staplers that can be used in this fashion. Looking for something where you can set the stack in, select the number of sheets and have it feed staple and spit it out and then do the same with the next set. Idk why I assumed this would be...
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    Recommendations for corner stapling machine?

    Existing Process: We currently print 8.5in x 11in jobs 2-up and cut down to the 8.5in x 11in size and then run them through our Xerox j75 machine for 3-hole punching or corner stapling. Running them through the bypass tray doesn't cost us any clicks - just the time to walk-in and put another...
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    Seeking advice of speeding up production of notepads

    We're running into this issue as well and I was wondering about the benefits of having doing them one at a time on a perfect binding style machine. We're trying to shift the labor to a different staff member entirely vs. asking our people to constantly be thinking about padding/gluing in the...
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    Trouble Getting Heavier Digital Stock

    Depends on where you are I think. We've been able to still get Titan 130# Dull/Gloss. Blazer's 130# Satin/Gloss has been harder for us to get ahold of. We've been working with Kelly Paper and West Coast Paper on the USA West Coast. Not as familiar with options in the middle/east of the USA.
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    New PDF Tool Empowers File Validation by CSRs

    It does say "draft an email" not "send an email" - I think you'd have to see it in action in order to know how reliable it is in drafting the email. If it saves time by allowing you to check the file and draft the email. I'm just not sure that this is practical if it's wrong too often, trying...
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    Decision making process – Investment in digital printing + finishing equipment

    We do this for half books as well. Print, cut and then put back thru the machine. Half books that are pre-printed go really fast. Inline is great if you don't have space for a ton of offline equipment. If space is not an issue then not tying your machine up with books is ideal. The best we've...
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    Stock issues (paper size)

    We have a few brands that vary in size. One brand we used to use was always off but consistently off. It cut perfectly in half from 11x17 at 8.49in instead of 8.50in. It's annoying but I doubt you're going to change the manufacturer's process. You'd have to switch to a different brand or...
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    Volkswagen drops bombshell creating a potential print bonanza

    That clued me in as well. :D
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    Xerox 550 vs Versant 180....Post installation regret.

    I had to look up SIQA - it looks like the V2100s moved those features to the Stock Library Manager which is where I access similar features. I watched a short video on the SIQA options and it's quite different from what my options are in the Stock Library Interface. I think it's just a...
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    Xerox 550 vs Versant 180....Post installation regret.

    We have two Versant 2100s and the alignments are always off. It does a good job matching the prints so that the front to back prints match but after that it doesn't seem to care where exactly on the sheet it puts it as long as it's on the sheet. It's definitely not centered to the sheet...
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    Where's Your Ambition?

    Why isn’t it okay to be content doing a job you’re good at? Why does everybody have to always be trying to move up? What if you like where you’re at. It’s not a failure to be content with your job. This obsession with trying to force people into job positions they may not want or be good at all...


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