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    Xante X-16 and X-33 wide format

    Does anyone have any feedback on the Xante X-16 and X-33 printers that can print on a wide array of substrates? How reliable, good service and issues, do they run as well as promoted? thx
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    Pacific NW Print / Copy shop for sale

    I am trying to sell my profitable print shop in Camas, Washington. We do +/- a million a year, 912k last year, and I'm only asking 400k for the biz. I also own the 500sq.ft. building in the very great city of Camas, Google it! The shop is a mix of offset, Heidelberg, and digital - Xerox, Canon...
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    Xante inks

    We seem to be burning thru the ink on our new Xante Enpress. Like it's saying all cartridges are at 10% or so after about 40,000 #10 regular envelopes with just corner copy really for the most part. At $1200 for a set of 4 that's about 3 cents per for just toner. The jobs all say they are about...
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    Envelope Printing

    We have a new EnPress and love it so far. We have had Oki941C's also and they were OK. You need good p=operating skills and be prepared to add whatever baling wire as needed. They are machines that need to have skilled eyes working. Those with feeding issues are you running the envelopes "upside...
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    How old is it? What colors? Would you take $5 per 2.2 can? Plus I'll pay for shipping?
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    Pacific NW print/sign business for sale

    Well established, profitable business doing +/- $1M yearly. Mix of digital presses and offset, Heidelberg, MBO, Duplo, Xerox, Canon, Oki, Challenge machines. All well maintained. Great staff and long term client base. Possible 5000sq. ft. commercial bldg. to be discussed as part. Do have...
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    Anyone use an impact type printer

    Like to print on golf balls, pens, glassware, metal etc. Roland makes one
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    Challenge 305 MPC on Challenge Safety Notice. Still useable?

    We have one and retrofitted it with new valves made for it. Works great. But, yeah no one wants to work on it because of that issue. We're old school, learn to do the repairs ourselves. You know like craftsmen in the printing trade did years ago!
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    Corner rounders

    We have a Custom Corner machine and we're very picky - it is well built and a great value.
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    Please help of Xerox experts Versant  80

    Maybe you have incorrect GSM for the paper and it pulls one one way and the next different. Maybe it is some worn rollers feeding badly. We have V80 and once SIQA is run no issues unless there is something affecting paper pull or path.
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    Help with RTI rip for QMDI

    Sorry for the confusion Jzink. I purchased from a used equip. dealer who included the 1 hour RTI consult for install. I actually checked with RTI before buying to confirm and also to get info on upgrading the rip if needed as older rips don't handle transparencies well sometimes. RTI was very...
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    Help with RTI rip for QMDI

    We bought a used RTI rip from a dealer and got 1 hour free support from RTI to set up. Took a while as it didn't want to connect to the press. We finally decided to end that call and check all cabling to see if their was an issue. During that time out my outside IT guy pursued checking the...
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    QMDI computer upgrade

    So, I'm not fully up to speed on the press's onboard "computer" or the one we use to send files to it, which is the GUI? Do we do a declutter at the press or on the computer that the Delta program is located?
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    QMDI computer upgrade

    We have a good running QMDI 46 that has Windows 2000 Server running Delta 6.5 and it is lately running real slow when it sends jobs to the press. Who or how can I get an upgrade to that without spending an arm and my good leg. Any references would be appreciated
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    QMDI computer ?

    We have a very nice running QMDI 46 with Delta 7.5. The computers are sending and imaging jobs sluggishly lately. Does anyone know someone competent to work on or replace whatevr is needed?
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    odd size post it pads

    I am looking for a source for 4" x 6" post it pads with the adhesive on the 6" dimension. Anyone know of a good trade reference?
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    Heid DI feeding issue

    We are having an issue with the press, it feeds 3 sheets then just shuts down. We have the x6 7 x7 connectors and have checked and changed those, no luck. The feeder symbol is always blinking which is unusual I won't let us set sheet length monitor or dbl sht detector. If we try to set dbl...
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    Which Round corner machine

    We have a couple of the small table top RC m/c's but I remember seeing one made in the US by some old printer who decided to sell them himself. Anyone know of it? It seems like it somewhat effortlessly cut large stacks of paper.
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    Xerox J75 Printing on pre-printed stock

    We overprint a lot but do not try it with sheets having powder on them. We have tried but usually the problem in feeding, the powder makes rollers too slick to pull consistently. We have IR dryers on our offset machines and running small lifts with sheet seperators works well.
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    Rena Mach 5 issue

    We have a Mach 5 that I do nbot think is running its cleaning cycle as it should. Replaced a printhead and wiper assy. in April and already have streaky & blurred type, less then 15k imp. in that time. Dealer isn't much help. I just wonder if other owners have issues

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I Want to Invest in Inkjet, But…
Over the past few years I’ve watched a group of transactional and direct mail printers strategically shift from monochrome toner machines to full-color toner and inkjet presses. Most banished old black-only toner boxes but kept their color toner devices around because they anticipated needing both color inkjet and toner presses to meet customer needs. They were right then and continue to be right today. Because toner and inkjet can be better together. Read the Post