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    Problem with lamination on flat xerox 3100 color

    If the job has lot of tint this problem happens, Laminate it a day after printing and check the temperature, decrease the speed of lamination
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    Kodak Nexpress and Lamination

    laminating temperature may be one issue run slowly or check the fusing common problems heavy coverage sheets
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    Epson workforce printers wf-c869 r

    can these inkjet printers used for short run print jobs like letterheads , envelopes does the cost workout cheaper than digital laser printers
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    laminator for soft touch nylon and the like?

    water based lamination also gives good result on digital printouts except for dark tints especially black if it is in all colors
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    Varnish Over Toner

    have seen better results on digital printouts varnished after a day of printing
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    Varnish Over Toner

    pre heating the digital printouts before varnishing may get rid of the oils in the toner sometimes works
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    laminator for soft touch nylon and the like?

    soft touch is thermal velvet film i think , nature of the board also matters one side perfect another side tiny bubbles appear , and the result varies from xerox , canon , konika digital press, i think running at a lower temp and slower speed may solve ur problem , running at higher temp...
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    Varnish Over Toner

    for digital printouts the varnish liquid should be different grade , some times the varnish does not evenly spread out evenly on tints & for post press activities we have problem of paper cracking

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