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    RIP software suggestions.

    Hi, all. We're running an old ECRM Mako 2 CTP and I am looking into getting a new rip to replace our old StudioRIP (too expensive to upgrade according to mgmnt). Can anyone give me some suggestions on software?
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    designjet 5500 setup on StudioRip

    I've created a hot folder in studiorip 3 and everything on the rip pc looks good, but I send a job to the hot folder and nothing is printing. I've tried sending jobs directly through printing on the pc...nothing. I've tried setting up the printer on my MAC and nothing prints there either. I've...
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    Rip from Adobe suite or the CTP rip?

    Some discussion I'm having with someone about StuidioRip. It was set for NO TRAPPING, which means all the trapping is done with indesign. Isn't it better to let StudioRip do the trapping? I thought so, but get a differing opinion from someone outside the company. Thanks for the opinions and...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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