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    .pafsc File Extension

    It's an esko (afaik) exclusive file. Packed Archive File Used to typically bundle up all files needed for a job. Don't know if anything outside esko will open it.
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    PC not Printing to Canon iP6600D on mac

    All of our printers are true 'network devices', so I don't know for sure, but have you tried the SHARING control panel, Printer Sharing and selected that printer?
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    Problem ripping

    Little late to the party, but.... I just replaced our nearly 10 year old Xitron Rip. The old one was Dual P3, 1GHZ, 1GB RAM, Navigator v5 I think. Our new box is a 2.83GHZ Four-core Xenon, 4GB RAM and 15,000RPM drives, with Navigator 8.something (it's in the closet). This version seems to be...
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    Agfa Selectset 7000

    Looks like the laser is going out. SS7000 has to be 15+ years old, I think we bought one in '88 or 89. Can that be the ORIGINAL laser?
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    Networking an Old Inkjet

    parallel to IP parallel to IP I don't know that printer exactly, but just about any parallel port printer can be converted to a networked printer with an adapter box that has the parallel connection on one side and a TCP/IP plug on the other. The box acts as a print server/network connection...
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    How did you get where you are? - Poll

    Went to College in the 60's (who knew the draft was coming?), and majored in "Business", which in those days pretty much meant accounting. Hated Accounting, didn't believe in "Classic Economic Theory, and it was the '60's after all. Was editor of the college newspaper, worked my way thru college...
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    Suite 7 and training

    Re: Suite 7 and training Haven't seen it yet, but we've been told by our corporate 'test team' to budget three days training. We're not a big site, 8 guys, 6 esko boxes plus Deskpack on 10 Macs.
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    OK..gotta buy a scanner

    Re: OK..gotta buy a scanner Yes, the Microtek was junk. We had ours repaired three times 'under warranty' before I scrapped it. I replaced it with a UMAX 2100XL, which is still connected, some 6+ years later, to a Beige G3; awaiting its three jobs a year usage. We rolled the Hell drum scanner...
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    Goodbye to Esko

    Re: Goodbye to Esko As Luc says, it's still called Graphic ARTS. I've got 35 years in this business, and for at least the last 30, there has been a move afoot to make this a 'manufacturing process'. Every attempt to 'modernize' the trade has revolved around, "Tell this younger/cheaper/less...
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    1 bit tiff from esko backstage

    Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage Even worse, the more 'stuff' you buy, the better it all works. We started out with a single Packedge about 8 or 9 years ago. It sat in the corner for a couple years until we got a Megasetter. But it didn't take off until we added Backstage a year later, and...
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    1 bit tiff from esko backstage

    Re: 1 bit tiff from esko backstage The 'flavor' of RIP you are using for the len file for use on a CDI is Flexrip-C. The T4 flavor will give you a, for lack of better word, generic one-bit tiff that you can send to another printer for their use. We do it every day. You will have to PAY Esko for...

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