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  1. ColorMonkey

    Ricoh 9200 and Synthetics

    Okay as mentioned in the other thread I'm trying to get used to this printer and tbh, aside from a couple issues it is a great printer thus far. However, I have hit a roadblock and that is with Mohawk Synthetic 16mil media. So on the 7110 you have to be familiar with the paper catalog options...
  2. ColorMonkey

    New 9200 Questions

    Okay so I am excited we actually have this on the floor now and ready to produce some work on it however, I have a few questions hopefully other operators can clarify or let me know if they are having the same issue. Image skew on sheet. So this is a weird one because the image was skewed on...
  3. ColorMonkey

    Profiling a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6000

    So we bought this printer to replace our imagePROGRAF 9100. Well I built the profiles for that machine and all was great. Prints were outstanding and matched beautifully. No issues with color matching. Now we have a slight problem. Profiled the 6000 and everything went well profiles appear to...
  4. ColorMonkey

    Blending Mode

    So just recently as in the last couple of weeks we are starting to get customer supplied PDFs that do not print correctly. The only thing they all have in common is that, when viewed through Pitstop, the blending mode is Compatible. For some reason those transparencies with this blending mode do...
  5. ColorMonkey

    Selected Blending > Compatible?

    So we started seeing this in customer files and our rips on the laser and injet do not play nice with it. I was just wondering what is it and how may customers exporting pdf have their blending mode to be selected as Compatible when viewing through Pitstop. In other words what are they doing to...
  6. ColorMonkey

    Black appears to be screened?

    Hi there. I posted this at EFI's forum and after 60+ views it never had any replies. There may be more details that are needed and I would be more than happy to get those for you if needed. I'm hoping someone here knows what is causing this or any printers that are familiar with the printer/rip...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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