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  1. DeltaE

    Issue when running Device Link profile with Pistop 2018

    Hi All, I have been using Pistop 2012 for years, which is very easy with an action "Devicelink profile" in order to reduce TAC of printing file. I want to update and just install newer version 2018, use same action and same devicelink profile as in Pistop 2012. When I click on "Run" button of...
  2. DeltaE

    Ink Density Uniformity on Circumferential Direction

    Hello everybody, I have a question about the solid ink density in circumferential direction, the uniformity of density in sheetfed offset machine (ex: Heidelberg CD102, Rapida 106, Man Roland 700, Komori,...) How can I improve the uniformity of ink density on the circumferential direction? I...
  3. DeltaE

    Please share manual of KBA 142

    Hello everyone, I am looking for operating manual of sheetfed KBA 142 machine (age 2005) I had tried many way but still can not find it. If anyone have it, please share it for me, I am very appreciated. Kind regards, Delta E.
  4. DeltaE

    Pls help troubleshooting - Inline aqueous coating in sheetfed machine

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with inline aqueous coating in sheetfed machine: - Heidelberg CD102 - Coating unit with tresu chambered blade - Anilox 60 lpcm - underlay thickness = 1.3 mm - blanket thichness = 1.95 mm - blanket tighten with torque wrench 45 - some area does not need to be...
  5. DeltaE

    Komori LS40-P175 manual for roller setting

    Dear All, I am looking for the manual document regarding to setting the inking and dampening roller of sheetfed machine Komori LS40-P175 (age 2011). It would be very appreciated if anyone can share to me! Thanks in advance! Regards, DeltaE
  6. DeltaE

    Excessive dot gain (or other) - please give me the advice!

    Dear Experts, Please find in the attached pictures which I took the 40% and 80% dot area in the printed sheet. The above picture is the reference that we had printed last month. The below picture is the printout today. You can see the difference in the black and magenta color. The dotgain of...
  7. DeltaE

    Do you think this problem is: set-off or blocking?

    Hello Experts! We are making a sample. That is a two-pieces rigid box. The surface was printed with dark blue spot color and full area matt waterbased coating on the Heidelberg offset sheetfed machine. After printing, we wait for 24 hours before moving to the postpress process for making the...
  8. DeltaE

    Color management after PP laminating

    Hello Experts, My common packaging job: -CMYK offset printing -PP laminating (matt film laminating) -Color matching between final box (laminated surface) and sample of customer. We all know that the color will change after PP laminating. We had tried to make the profile after PP laminating...
  9. DeltaE

    AI - Color Setting

    Good afternoon! What option do you use in AI for color management? (please check the attached picture) Color Management Policy CMYK: Off / Preserve numbers (ignore Linked Profiles) / Preserve embedded profile / Convert to CMYK. Could you please explain for me about influence of these option to...
  10. DeltaE

    Different dot rosette appears different color shade in one printed sheet

    Hello! I have an issue with a job (please check the attached picture for more detail) - sheet size 750 x 540 mm, 157 gsm, coated paper. - CMYK job with color sequence KCMY - We print on a sheeted offset machine, just installed 4 months ago. - I let machine run stable and take a sample sheet. -...
  11. DeltaE

    CtcP (visble plate) vs CtP (thermal plate)

    Hello Guys, Could please tell me your opinion and your experience when comparing between CTP (thermal) and CtcP (visible). About the plate quality, the uniform of the dot area and the distortion of the plate due to effect from heat (when exposing). Which one has more influence to the print...
  12. DeltaE

    Need a used Heidelberg CD102 4-5 colors, age from 2000

    Hi All, Anyone wants to sell a Heidelberg CD102, age form 2000, has 4 or 5 colors and still in production. Please inbox me or send me an email: Thanks! Delta E

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