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    Heidleberg DI Pro Ink curves

    The .ink files are just text files. You might be better off writing a quick spreadsheet or something that will increase the values of the data the RIP provided...
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    Ryobi 3404DI Registration Off between towers

    RYOBI DI Reg RYOBI DI Reg Contact Dave Sartain of DS Indistries if you have not already... H O M E His mobile number is listed on the front page. Peter Furnee
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    Solid Ink Density on proof

    Re: Solid Ink Density on proof In a word, NO. In today's digital proofing, we traditionally lose sight of what the proof is for - color. If your proofer is set up to or at least near ISO/GRACoL/SWOP, then you will have a better result doing a visual comparison than allowing yourself to be...
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    CTP for Toray waterless plates

    Toray Waterless Toray Waterless Works pretty good on Presstek Dimension setters...
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    TrueFlow trapping

    More than likely, you are experiencing some type of flattening of Transparency. If you look at the PDF that Trueflow is using internally, does the drop shadow show as vectors or raster in Pitstop? If it is raster, check your "IMAGE" settings. If it remains vector, and you are not using the APPE...
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    Agfa Azura on Presstek Dimension 800

    Azura-D800 Azura-D800 Use Testneg-12 for sure. Further, know that the Lasers in a D800 are going to lose stability when their power is lowered the recommended amout. Try splitting the difference, and bring your highlight dots back through linearisation. If you ever ran 1st Gen Anthem (vs...
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    G7 lab values on Press

    Rich Black recipe Rich Black recipe Do try lower values, 40, 30, 30, 100. If you need more than that, of course use the actual mid-tone of 48.8, 40, 40...
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    EFI BestColour and EPSON 7600

    You are probably not going to get any proofing reproduction using Web Roll paper. You best bet would be to select an ink-jet media whose design is for proofing, and then reference any one of the available newsprint profiles with absolute colormetric rendering.
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    type under shadows spreadiing

    Is this something which you could overcome with altering your trap settings?
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    1bit tiff from Heidelberg Prinect to Agfa Printdrive

    Tiffs into PD Tiffs into PD Try dragging the each sep into one job. When you have 4 jobs, double click the CM&Y, and drag the plane into the K. A little easier than renaming. You might also want to check into Windows Multi-Renamer, a freeware utility to rename files in a group.
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    Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances

    Re: Xitron Nav & Windows XP Pro annoyances If you cancel the Add Hardware Wizard and go into Device Manager, do you see the Yellow Caution icon? If so, can you right click and select "Update Driver" and locate the XiScsi files? There is a pretty detailed explanation of the Driver Installation...
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    Switching from SM52-2 to Presstek 52DI

    Re: Switching from SM52-2 to Presstek 52DI 1. My main question is if the DI is fitted to produce all the work that currentlly our Speedmaster produce or its only profitable for four color work. You can utilize Waterless Spot Inks (Pantone or Local Equiv (If available)), or you may find that at...
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    Switching from SM52-2 to Presstek 52DI

    Re: Switching from SM52-2 to Presstek 52DI The 52DI and the Vector52 use the same imaging technology at a base level, but are two completely different animals with regard to the Plate Technology. Remember, the DI Presses are Waterless, and contemporary versions run standard at 300lpi on coated...
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    Ink Density on 34DI

    Re: Ink Density on 34DI Three questions: 1. Which Ink Manufacturer are you using? 2. Who/How are your Curves set up? 3. Are you sure of the accuracy of your [Spectro]Dens? Traditionally, based on different ink manufacturers, the Yellow does run light. Peter Furnee Link...
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    Calibrating a Kodak Approval XP2

    Re: Calibrating a Kodak Approval XP2 Your best bet would be to hire a GRACoL G7 Certified Expert. You will be able to benefit from a perfect Neutral Linearisation and Prescribed TVI. This way your Approvals have tighter tolerances than SWOP alone, and have a measurable, spectral method of...
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    stair step gradients in Torrent rip

    Re: stair step gradients in Torrent rip Are the gradients Vector or Raster? If they are Vector, ensure that the Maximum Gray levels are set to 4096 in the Sep & Screening Manager for the Page Set-up being used, as well as ensure a PS3 or PDF file and driver is used. If they are Raster, you...
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    Xitron Forum?

    Re: Xitron Forum? Perhaps the lack of Xitron posting is that it quietly sits there and works and there are very limited issues... The 6.1.2 upgrade to Xenith has a VERY important feature in my eyes: The ability to generate a RIP Proof then Hold, so it can be included in your Master Ticket(s)...
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    Color Management of Digital Presses

    Re: Color Management of Digital Presses 1. Symantics perhaps, but lets start off by saying that a Press has imPRESSions. 2. ICC COMPLIANT versus ICC Compatible. Big Difference. As for profiling a DI-Press, it is exactly like profiling a sheetfed wet-offset. A proper linearisation (I recommend...
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    Presstech 5334 or Other?

    Re: Presstech 5334 or Other? Two Things: 1: Take Good Notes!!! 2: Stay at the Crowne Plaza and Remember THURSDAY Night is Prime Rib Buffet there. Enjoy your DI

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