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    RETIREMENT event

    Well folks, I know I have not been the most active member on the list but I certainly have appreciated the information and banter between list members. - I have retired from the PrePress (after starting there in 1972) and, as of now, have no intentions on returning. - I am traveling to...
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    Xerox 7700

    My final Xerox 7700 finally kicked the bucket. I have a pile of supplies I would like to dispose of. Anyone needing some? Toners - fusers - accumulator belt - print carts - etc ... MSD
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    new modem

    I have been running an old Comcast Motorola modem for years. Now they want to send me a new updated one. OK But - I see, I am renting it for $8 a month. What would be my best choice for a modem to purchase (for home)? Simple - 1 Mac and 1 Mackbook Pro both connected with Airport Express units...
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    Number "ups"

    I remember - from the distant past - a free little piece of software that could tell you "how many up" of each would best fit on a sheet, if you gave it the info. I constantly need to do digital impositions where the combination press sheets may have 50 of 5 cards 350 of the next card 750 of...
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    windows 8 on a MAC

    I need to run Windows 8 along with Mavericks on a new iMAC. What is the general conscious about the best way to achieve this? Is Parallels the way to go? Do I need BootCamp? Any insight will be appreciated. MSD
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    Quark 10 need a MAC OS "over" 10.608. Is anyone having success with Mt Lion (10.8) in their PrePress environment? MSD
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    acrobat 9 installer _PC

    Could someone please send me an installer or a ink to an installer for Acrobat Professional Professional - version 9 (PC) I have the number - just can not locate the installer or disk. Thanks, MSD
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    sudden InDesign wierdness

    All of a sudden - all of our MACs - InDesign are acting incorrectly. - They do NOT report missing or modified links when opening a file. - They do NOT report missing fonts when opening a file. (It reports both during export - luckily) - It is not handling profiles on photographs when...
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    Xerox 7700 laser printer

    Would anyone happen to have one of these sitting in the recycle bin that would have a good laser unit or Laser Polygon Motor unit? MSD
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    Vectors from Photoshop

    I know about getting vector files out of PS. - Yesterday I was playing around with trying to get vector "Smart Objects" out of PS. I created the Smart Object and could open it through Photoshop in Illustrator - edit it and have it return to PS updated but when I saved as a Photoshop PDF (PDP)...
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    Illustrator issue

    A friend sent me this file from Illustrator. She says ANYTIME she uses any drawing tool the thing draws these repeating diminishing shapes. It is odd the repeating shapes are not uniform. Has anyone seen this and know what the issue is? (She is on CS6 - "Cloud" version) MSD
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    Do you folks host your own FTP site on an in-house server? What application do you use? Do you have a link on your company web site to hit the ftp server? I am trying Filezilla and having seemingly unsurmountable trouble trying to hit it from anywhere. I tried MassTransit. The express worked OK...
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    MACs - PCs - ExtremeZ - SMB

    I am planning a move from a MAC mini Fusion server back to a KickButt PC server I have sitting around. I, know in the past, (from Rampage days) the hot setup was to run ExtremeZ-IP on the server to run AFP and mostly to resolve font transfer problems. - Now -- if SMB is the network connection...
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    new MINI server - Fusion Drive?

    I ordered a Mini server 2.6 with the 2 HDDs From OWC - I ordered a 120 extreme SSD and a 750 7200 HDD. After I swap out the drives - can I run these as a Fusion Drive on a mini and is it worth it? There will be ... the operating system and 100 GB of heavily used files - daily (continually)...
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    All of a sudden Interarchy will not complete downloading files larger than 2MB. (3 days now) Nothing has changed on any of our systems or network. The only new thing is installing CS6 - but that shouldn't effect Interarchy? It will begin a download - then after 1MB - it will stall and the timer...
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    FONT id

    Greetings, Would anyone have a clue to the identity of this font attached MSD
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    New Proofing device

    I am looking to add/replace my aging HP5500. What is everyone thinking is the best choice out there for a proofing device (HP or Epson) Must be supported with the newer version of META RIPs and proofing workflow. MSD
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    a handy little color viewing file

    Greetings folks, Here is a PostScript file that shows you a CMYK build and then shows you all of the possible CMYK builds around the specified values. We use it to tweak colors on the iGEN. --- IF NOTHING ELSE ... IT IS SORT OF FUN --- - Open the PostScript file with "Text Edit" (or...
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    Where do export "settings" live

    Inside of: Hard Drive > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe PDF > Settings are a load of my settings BUT not all of them. MSD
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    HP DesignJet 42" hard drive failure

    Would anyone happen to have an old HP 5500 (non PS) in the junk pile that would be willing to send me the hard drive. Mine blew up today. MSD

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