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    Image cross over on single page pdfs

    Here is the best way I have found to fix this issue fast and easy....... Open in Acrobat go to TOOLS Advanced Editing Touch up object tool highlight unwanted object and delete. save as _ _ _
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    Epson paper jam

    I have a Epson 10600 that when powered up it goes through the normal start up stuff and then says "paper jam" on the screen. There is NO paper jam, it just thinks it is and will not print anything. I cannot find anyone to service the printer. Any ideas? a sensor maybe? Thanks for any help. Alan
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    Best Quotes from clients!

    Customer says...... Customer says...... Customer says......... "Can you tell your press to make the color look like it looks on my iPhone" "can you just photoshop it to make it right"
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    Crosfield Drum Scanner

    Cal 530 Cal 530 Simon, yep you are right. I did many over the years. I always remember the scans coming out casted to the cyan side though. Alan
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    Film Output ?

    Re: Film Output ? Gordon, we have one customer who needs the film for something other than printing. Alan
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    Film Output ?

    I have a customer who still requires film. Does anyone still output film? Your image setter will have to be 3600 dpi and print at 400 lpi. I have a fair amount of work I can give to you. Thanks, Alan
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    Crosfield Drum Scanner

    Re: Crosfield Drum Scanner Nick, I have a 646 magnascan with a mac interface running Celsis. I'm in Richmond, VA if you want it. Alan
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    Crosfield Drum Scanner

    Re: Crosfield Drum Scanner Remember Cal 530? I have one I cannot get rid of either. I can remember that thing running 60 plus hours a week! Alan
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    What to do with a used DuPont™ Cromalin® B2, Sell,Ship or Junk for parts?

    Re: What to do with a used DuPont™ Cromalin® B2, Sell,Ship or Junk for part Re: What to do with a used DuPont™ Cromalin® B2, Sell,Ship or Junk for part James, do you have any material that you want to get rid of? Alan
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    Publisher files

    Re: Publisher files Bring your RGB images into Photoshop create your Doutone by - Mode / grayscale and then Mode / Doutone. Make sure that your PMS colors are named the same as your publisher files ie: PMS 185 CV or PMS 185 C. Now you need to get the new doutones into your publisher file. There...
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    How to measure light temperature

    I have a light booth that has 5000k bulbs in it that I view my proofs in. My customer gets back to his studio and looks at the proof in his lighting. Is there a device that I can use to measure the color temperature of a particular setting? I remember a paper sales person having a small sheet of...
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    GRACoL Dot Gain Worksheet

    Re: GRACoL Dot Gain Worksheet Yes I want to plot the dot gain for each color. I went to but I could not find the work sheet. Do you have it? Alan
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    GRACoL Dot Gain Worksheet

    Does anyone have the GRACoL Dot Gain Worksheet? Thanks
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    Moiré problem....

    Re: Moiré problem.... Hello, can you see the moire in the PDF before you rip it? Do you see the moire in plates, film?? Let me know where and when you see it. I can help. Alan
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    ICC Profiles for Creo Matchprint Proof Pro

    Hello, I am trying to build ICC Profiles for my Creo Matchprint Proof Pro. It requires a paper linked type of profile. Does anyone have experience with this particular RIP? Thanks, Alan
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    Nexus proofing problem

    Re: Nexus proofing problem Don, I am running 8.4 R2 Yes I am making my 2 sided proofs on a Sherpa 2. I have never had any issues although I have heard of others having the same issue that you have. Its too bad about support. Were you able to talk to Long? I don't know how I can help. Maybe I...
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    A question of "high-end" scanning.

    Re: A question of "high-end" scanning. Most of our customers went out to Walmart and bought a $49 Umax flatbed scanner to do their scans on. Oh, these are the same customers that demanded perfection from our drum scans, but now that they can do their own they give us garbage scans and expect us...
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    Blue is purple

    Re: Blue is purple Like Dog said--- just take out magenta in the blues and be done with it. Maybe 2 minutes each.

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