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    Epson paper jam

    I have a Epson 10600 that when powered up it goes through the normal start up stuff and then says "paper jam" on the screen. There is NO paper jam, it just thinks it is and will not print anything. I cannot find anyone to service the printer. Any ideas? a sensor maybe? Thanks for any help. Alan
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    Film Output ?

    I have a customer who still requires film. Does anyone still output film? Your image setter will have to be 3600 dpi and print at 400 lpi. I have a fair amount of work I can give to you. Thanks, Alan
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    How to measure light temperature

    I have a light booth that has 5000k bulbs in it that I view my proofs in. My customer gets back to his studio and looks at the proof in his lighting. Is there a device that I can use to measure the color temperature of a particular setting? I remember a paper sales person having a small sheet of...
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    GRACoL Dot Gain Worksheet

    Does anyone have the GRACoL Dot Gain Worksheet? Thanks
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    ICC Profiles for Creo Matchprint Proof Pro

    Hello, I am trying to build ICC Profiles for my Creo Matchprint Proof Pro. It requires a paper linked type of profile. Does anyone have experience with this particular RIP? Thanks, Alan

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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