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  1. cjwworld

    ECRM MAKO NEWSmatic experience

    We have an ECRM Mako Newsmatic CTP system. Also use Protech 70 Plate Processor. ITs been very reliable. The only thing that we had to replace is the power supply. We just make sure we have a spare on hand. Other than that, it holds registration good and seems to be consistent. Its not the...
  2. cjwworld

    Really Enfocus? Really?

    Thanks ABC I've been looking for the answer (Official) for this.. that answer is quite reasonable. Look forward to the end result
  3. cjwworld

    OS X mavericks and printing are not good...

    I used to run that RIP, and I believe it can handle Transparancy.. But I am not the expert so don't take my word for it ツ
  4. cjwworld

    OS X mavericks and printing are not good...

    Yep, thats really important.. I upgraded to Maverick and found out that my plugin (PItstop Pro) would not work in Adobe Acrobat.. I had to revert back to what I had.. Blessed that I had Time Machine.. I didn't have to reset up anything at all.. Excellent
  5. cjwworld

    Help PLEASE.

    That response is of no real help to the OP, jumping on the Mac/Windows flake war bandwagon is idiotic at best. There's a reason professionals use Mac. But viewing from that unhelpful post, i would venture to say you wouldn't know anything about that, you just concerned with increasing your post...
  6. cjwworld

    Help PLEASE.

    Depending on the Postscript language, you might need to make sure your printer can support postscript 3.
  7. cjwworld

    FT26V manual

    Ive got one.. Let me dig it out and see what I can do.
  8. cjwworld

    4 color start-up questions

    I turn on all the ink, but I run up to running speed then I shut down. Do my adjustments and usually if you are experienced in this method, one runup would suffice. This saves waste tremendously
  9. cjwworld

    Looking for InDesign CS4 for Mac

    Contact me off list.
  10. cjwworld

    sudden InDesign wierdness

    have you rebooted your Macs yet?
  11. cjwworld

    Chemicals to clean CTP processors

    That would be nice to know also..
  12. cjwworld


    I use one for work and use Adobe Suite all the time, I do not have any issues with it. I think the secret is the amount of RAM installed. Make sure its has suitable amount of Ram and you should be good to go. I bought one last year with DVD superdrive so I was lucky. But external Drive I...
  13. cjwworld

    Exporting to PDF . .. Naming Questions???

    I agree with DCurry.. It will remember the changes. So I would not change the name and let it remember that. If for some reason you want to make a change, do that after exporting.
  14. cjwworld

    Recent grad here.

    It may be a tough road but it appears one must start from the ground up to gain experience. One must sell oneself to an prospective employer and convince him/her to get you started.
  15. cjwworld

    Violet CtP for newspaper?

    Oh. The CTP device is excellent and does a good job, no trouble with it. CTP device repeatability is excellent. The processor is another story, had trouble with it. Sensors that was supposed to signal low developer level was defective right from the beginning. Thus when a fitting leaked, it...
  16. cjwworld

    Violet CtP for newspaper?

    We are a mainly Newspaper Printer and have a commercial Customers and we have a violet ECRM Mako with Proteck 70 inline Processor. We use Southern Litho Violets plates. We did do a colortone press match to the workflow. We use Presteligence Imposition Workflow. It also uses InkMiser plugin.


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