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    Should we expect LED UV coaters?

    I’m sorry I meant small offline units like duplos etc
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    Should we expect LED UV coaters?

    With all the wide format uv printers converted to LED, Should we expect LED UV coaters?? At print’19? thank you!
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    Less odor uv coating?

    Looking to bring uv coating back into shop... terrified of that harsh uv stink that gets into your head and under your skin. Are there less odor / safe uv coating solutions out there? Looking for something that won’t be a silent voc killer as well. Thanks all!
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    Plastic stock suggestion?

    hello! Looking for a plastic like stock, up to 13x19, similar in thickness to 12-16pt cars stock, digital toner printable, with a bright white point and some nice gloss. Any suggestions much appreciated! Thank you
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    better UV coating?

    Hi guys! we run the latest generation UV coater / original UV coating solution from Tech Lightning... My problem is that no matter the settings the coated sheet does have a little bit of an orange skin texture effect no matter what we try, printed or not (we tried everything). but every once in...
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    printable pre-scored door hangers?

    Thank you all for referrals !
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    Stock supplier

    Could someone recommend a good digital stock supplier (xerox toner)? Looking for 16pt cs2 in 13x19. Is decent stock possible for about 10c a sheet? Thank you!
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    printable pre-scored door hangers?

    Hi guys, what's that supplier that sells printable pre-die cut blanks? like door hangers. Thank you!
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    Very entry level digit press with Matte print?

    Looking for most entry level all digital printer to print business cards in matte print finish, on uncoated / coated matte 14pt card stock, duplex, 12x18 or so. Speed is not real factor but need good quality matte print. Budget is $1000 or less / mo for lease. So far only considered versant but...
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    Xerox 1000 + Lots of Paper & Packaging

    Hello, we have for sale as a package. Asking $29,955 for everything listed below: 1. Xerox 1000 color press. The machine fully owned by us, in excellent condition, and is 3 years old. It includes high capacity stacker and color profiler module. It has under 500k clicks. Included in the sale...
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    Lots of Digital Stock for sale

    Hi, it's in Novi, Michigan 48377. thanks
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    Lots of Digital Stock for sale

    Hello, we are liquidating our paper printing business and all of our paper is for sale: ALL PAPER — DIGITAL GRADE: 1. 16PT CAROLINA CS2 13x19 — 10 FULL PALLETS / 120,000 TOTAL @ $50M 2. COUGAR 100LB SMOOTH COVER, WHITE, 13x19 — 24 BOXES / 9,600 TOTAL @ $60M 3. NEWPAGE STERLING 100LB DULL...
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    Used Digital Machine Decision HP, XEROX, KM ???

    I have Xerox 1000 for sale in Excellent condition, original owner, 3 yo, less than 500k clicks
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    Xerox 1000 for sale / Morgana Folder / TechLighting UV Coater

    hello, we own Xerox 1000 color press that we would like to sell. The machine fully owned by us, in excellent condition, and is 3 year old. It includes high capacity stacker and color profiler module. It has under 500k clicks. We also have Morgana Folder and TechLighting UV Coater with air...
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    Let's talk trade publications

    What print trade magazines and periodicals are you subscribed to?
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    Advice on Digital printer to purchase or Lease?

    Another thing to consider. If you previously outsourced to someone with nice equipment (offset or indigo) and get your self an entry level laser with entry level toy cutter... Your print quality may be nowhere near enough the quality you used to from you vendor. Also all that time you have...
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    Like new 2104 Canon iPF8400 canvas printer on Ebay - $2000 (Michigan)

    Hello, we're selling our 2014 Canon iPF8400 44-inch 12 color printer. With lots of extras - Canvas Frames, Staple Guns, Tools. Like new, flawless, printed less than 100 sq.ft. in life time, perfect print head test, 90% full 330ml ink carts. Located Michigan (48377), pick up only (no freight)...
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    Xerox 1000i installed!

    My comment is wait to recommend it before you had more than a day with it
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    Content copywriter for website

    Looking for someone with print business / print production knowledge and experience who can write interesting and engaging content for printing web to print website. Long distance is ok on your own schedule. Please pm. Thanks. Stan
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    Xerox 1000i input

    we have exact same issue with our 1000 and had techs here multiple times and also "escalated to japan" but now just accepted it and learned to leave with it

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