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  1. naplajoie2000

    Is ESKO running away from the commercial print market?

    I keep getting feedback from our Metrix team that they have had conversations with Esko and they have indicated that FastImpose is End of Life, that Packedge is End of Life and Flexrips are End of Life. Any thought?
  2. naplajoie2000

    Worst job that ever crossed your screen.

    Just received worst load of crap I have ever seen come across our desk. It was given to us from a sister company because their press they normally run this thing on was down. It was a PDF file that was obviously generated from MS Word, it was one color, it was a 240 page document. First thing I...
  3. naplajoie2000

    Color conversion in FusionPro

    Have a weird problem, and being I am unfamiliar with FusionPro, it is causing me some grief. We are getting files from agency, some go direct to HP Indigo Press, others must me merged using FusionPro. First off, agency tells us it using same base files for both. What is happening, is the files...
  4. naplajoie2000

    Color Engine 10 vs. ALWAN? Any comments

    We are having a discussion in our shop with the color managers supporting Alwan software and our prepress managers wanting them to give Color Engine 10 (old kaleidoscope) a look. We are using Esko Backstage and packedge and we feel that the Color Engine option would work better than a third...
  5. naplajoie2000

    Edit InDesign Gradations in Esko

    Am trying to edit gradations in Esko and it will not give me the edit dialog box. Can create gradation but cannot edit ripped gradation. I can convert to tint and convert back to gradation and then can edit but then have to reset gradation because it takes darkest color and gradates to white...


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