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    Palletisation SW

    Hi, what SW would you recommend me calculation of choice of correct corrugated case in folding carton environment: Flat Carton Blanks > Corrugated Case > Pallet. Specially interested in solution that considers uneven flat thickness like crashlock folded cartons. Thanks, Janez
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    Ink quality

    Hi, certain spot color inks (per PMS) supplied from our ink supplier, cause us problems: very high amount of ink neeed, to achieve color value, close to swatchbook reference. Consequently high dot gain and other print problems occur. Got a hint, that they might be mixing transparent white into...
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    HD InpressControl

    Any experience from the field? Thanks, Janez
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    Trendsetter laser beam width?

    Hello, we get supplied with CTP plates from external studio, using Trendestter 800. Out of the box plates look OK, but after we mount them on press (R700) and after first impression, we see ink toning on non-printing areas, we can even see stripes in width 15mm and 13mm, paralel with short plate...
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    Artios Cad - line change

    Hello, I am not Artios user, but rather consumer of its output. I have operator with limited knowledge available, so I am asking you, experienced users: In Artios (as well on any other similar CAD programme), you can set different types of lines: cutting, creasing, bleed, perforating... They...
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    Ink tack

    Is there a way to determine ink tack before usage on press? In our case, too tacky ink delaminates upper layer of GD duplex board. What is viscosity/density of ink/fount solution emulsion, that hits paper? What is temperature of ink emulsion, that comes in contact with paper? Thanks, Janez
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    Pms 8143 c

    Hello, can someone tell me L*a*b* values of Pantone 8143C? Thank you, Janez
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    Hotfoil overprinting

    Hello, what are your experiences with overprinting of hotfoil? Using UV ink or classic ink with additive for oxidative drying? Thanks, Janez
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    UV varnish issue

    I wanted to put UV varnish on the cast coated board. Using Sun Chemical Hy brite UV and 80 lpi screen roller on Roland 700, I got grainy surface instead of smooth and glossy one. Too high surface tension of varnish? Any hint for another UV varnish? Janez
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    Varnish plate storage

    We are packaging printer and we use a lot of polymer varnish plates (cut by hand or sample plotter). Currently we store them laying on the shelves, which I find impractical. Looking for some solution to hang these plates. What do you use? Thanks, Janez
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    Test methods, please

    Hello! I am looking for advice/information, how to: - evauluate if UV ink or varnish is fully cured after being printed on sheetfed machine - evaluate slipperinnes of ink/varnish, to assure conditions for further processing (transport on filling line) What are test methods, devices...
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    UV ink curing test

    Is there a method to find out, how well certain UV ink adheres and cures with certain paper - out of printing press? My KISS idea for testing: - hopefully, producer of the UV lamp in the printing press will reveal (at least) the UV part of energy, emitted by lamp. Length of the lamp, multiplied...
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    N-flute supplier?

    Hello, I am looking for supplier of offset printable N-flute corrugated board in Europe. Thanks for any info, Janez
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    Bump not in midtones

    Normally, you would expect highest dot gain in offset printing, to be in middle tones. If printing to SID with linear plate and result shows bump in quarter tones - what could cause this effect on printing press? Thanks, Janez
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    Historical development

    Can someone put some light into darkness of my underknowledge: On early printing presses, ink film thickness was controlled only by ductor speed, later on (when, who...?) ink zones apeared, with manual and later motorised/digital control. Is there some interesting reading available? Janez
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    Hello, many visitors of this great forum come from areas, where english is not mother language (including me). Sometimes is hard to follow some threads, where a lot of abbreviations (SID, TVI, TAC, G7, ISO, ....) are used and hard to decrypt to unexperienced user. On top of that, we deal with...
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    Bidirectional reading with Eye One Pro

    Hello, Using Eye One Pro, I would like to measure as much patches on smallest area possible, with smallest time consumption. Which software/target form to choose? Janez N.B.: Sorry, no budget for iO or iSis...
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    Side raster area

    Hello, at several (mostly web) printing houses, I have seen practice, that on printing plate, outside of printing area, patch with raster (FM or AM) is put, in order to make even water/ink distribution over plate. How is this patch called in english graphic terminology? Thanks, Janez

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