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    Prosetter Kodak Violet plate

    Clean mirror first. What is laser power, that you use for Agfa / Kodak? Do you use correct safe light? Janez
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    Best practices for storing Printing/UV blanket

    Storing blanket if composed like "classic rubber" blanket - in roll might be ok - still consuming quite some space. If you have polymer stripping blanket with polyester base rolling into small diameter tube, might cause, that polymer layer will delaminate. It makes sense to hang them in rack...
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    Using powder & UV lamps?

    Spray can be enabled with SW upgrade. Man Roland will charge for it. Prior to order, you will get from Man Roland statement to be signed, that you will use powder spray with caution and up to (do not know exactly) 20% powder volume. Of course responsability if something goes wrong - up to you...
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    Do we really need preflight software?

    You will definitely need better software, Pitstop and more (color conversion, trapping, imposition tools): 1. Resolution of your imaging will increase, with it -visibility of errors: for instance barcode - if you rasterise it in Photoshop and send to DI RIP, bars will apear screened - you risk...
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    Ink quality

    I never tested it so far, but here is another proposal: Needed: - information of sheet ink coverage - you can get it from any decent CIP3 programme. Using some (additional) calculation will produce, how many sq mm/inch of sheet is covered with ink. - relatively precise scale to weigh paper 1...
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    Prepress Philosophy

    On the end it's all about to reproduce motif from nature (person, object, plant, animal...) and multiply it using (one of the )printing techniques. Final goal is to have same (or nearly the same) appearance of certain color value using different print technologies, using different substrates...
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    Palletisation SW

    Hi, what SW would you recommend me calculation of choice of correct corrugated case in folding carton environment: Flat Carton Blanks > Corrugated Case > Pallet. Specially interested in solution that considers uneven flat thickness like crashlock folded cartons. Thanks, Janez
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    Ink quality

    Hi, certain spot color inks (per PMS) supplied from our ink supplier, cause us problems: very high amount of ink neeed, to achieve color value, close to swatchbook reference. Consequently high dot gain and other print problems occur. Got a hint, that they might be mixing transparent white into...
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    ABDick plates on a Suprasetter 105

    It is not Meta, it is limitation of Supra A105, to be able to image smallest plate size of 370x323 (HxW). Have a look: Heidelberg - Suprasetter 75/A105/105 - Technical Data
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    Printopen charts

    Give me few days, to find in my archive. I created smallest possible target with 30 patches in row and patches positioned to enable bi-directional (zig-zag) measurement. Send me PM with your email. Janez
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    HD InpressControl

    Any experience from the field? Thanks, Janez
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    Trendsetter laser beam width?

    Thanks, it happened to be non sufficient wash of plate before printing. There must be strange corelation between cleaning solution used on press and gum arabic, that plate is covered with. Roller marks are from rollers, that push plate to the plate cylinder. Janez
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    Trendsetter laser beam width?

    Hello, we get supplied with CTP plates from external studio, using Trendestter 800. Out of the box plates look OK, but after we mount them on press (R700) and after first impression, we see ink toning on non-printing areas, we can even see stripes in width 15mm and 13mm, paralel with short plate...
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    Artios Cad - line change

    Hello, I am not Artios user, but rather consumer of its output. I have operator with limited knowledge available, so I am asking you, experienced users: In Artios (as well on any other similar CAD programme), you can set different types of lines: cutting, creasing, bleed, perforating... They...
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    Ink tack

    Is there a way to determine ink tack before usage on press? In our case, too tacky ink delaminates upper layer of GD duplex board. What is viscosity/density of ink/fount solution emulsion, that hits paper? What is temperature of ink emulsion, that comes in contact with paper? Thanks, Janez
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    Pms 8143 c

    Hello, can someone tell me L*a*b* values of Pantone 8143C? Thank you, Janez
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    Hotfoil overprinting

    Hello, what are your experiences with overprinting of hotfoil? Using UV ink or classic ink with additive for oxidative drying? Thanks, Janez
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    Metadimension v5 vs v7...Help

    For sure, there is increase demand for RAM. Put max. possible in machine, have banks full in pairs. Revise if there are any other programmes running, not necessary for Meta (saw once SQL server running...). Check, how do you set locations of hot folders, spool dir, swap and Adobe PE temp...
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    metashooter 2.2 freeze

    Had same (similar) problem some time ago. Brand new computer means nothing. PIF card is PCI-X 66 MHz standard. There can be problem, if motherboard has 133 MHz or 100 MHz PCI-X slot and cannot adapt frequency to 66 MHz. Newer is not always better... Generally, newer PC for MetaShooter will not...
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    i1 Pro Density Readings

    Be aware, that i1 has no polarisation filter, so density results will not be equal to densities, you measured with densitometer with built in pol filter. Janez

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