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    What Flexo Estimating Software do you use?

    We have Monarch to do our estimates however it doesn't really work for Flexo estimating. What do you guys use to estimate Flexo jobs?
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    Protective Packing for UPS shipping

    When shipping a large sign say 3'x6' or similar size, how do you pack it to protect it from damaging in the sometimes violent shipping process?
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    Remote Proof and the bindery

    Great feedback. I wondered if there was a more "digital" or "tech way" to do this. The JDF folding library sounds interesting but I'll admit I've never messed with that at this point.
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    Remote Proof and the bindery

    We rely heavily on remote proofing here. However there are jobs that bindery is not sure how to fold or finish for sure. If we make hard proofs then some of the purpose of remote proofing is gone. Work also flies thru here at an extremely fast pace. What do any of your companies do that embrace...
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    Plate Recommendations for printing sheetfed UV inks

    I kept it short and sweet on the Fuji part of it. TRUST ME we've been through the process!
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    Plate Recommendations for printing sheetfed UV inks

    We have started perfecting using our 8 color Mitsi diamond 3000 press. We are currently using Fuji LHPJ plates however, they are not holding up well. We are blinding way too soon. What plates are good at running UV on this kind of press? I know there's not a lot to choose from when you run UV...
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    iMac 5k anyone?

    Sounds like from dabob and wonderings I'll have plenty of power from the iMac. Especially coming from the old Mac Pro's.
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    iMac 5k anyone?

    I'd be interested to hear any responses to this since I too am getting ready to replace some 2007 Mac Pro's with an iMac's. I don't want anything less than an I7 core but I'm still want to make sure I'll be ok since we have some accounts that just love transparency. Opinions?
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    New to calibrating for UV inks

    On an offset press is there a lot to calibrating for UV inks? I know it's quite a different animal than traditional inks on paper. But is there a lot of difference when you run say 2 different types of plastics? Just looking for some idea to make sure jobs can be put on the press and we can hit...
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    Laser imprinting on something done on a digital press

    That's my understanding too. Which is my concern if too many sheets are run thru customers will begin to complain about "tracking".
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    Digital Cutters

    Where can I go to learn about digital cutters to cut shapes etc. from large format prints? I know Zund and Esko are top of the line but when it gets into all the different models etc. I'm lost.
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    Laser imprinting on something done on a digital press

    So from the responses and the lack of other responders I assume there isn't a solution.
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    Laser imprinting on something done on a digital press

    Has anyone done this. We need to run small runs and send them to customers who then imprint. It's done on their laser printers which they currently already have. We worry that when it goes thru the heat on their printers it will track what we've printed when that hits the heat.
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    Harris M-110 with Dahlgren water system question

    Thanks for the helpful responses!
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    Harris M-110 with Dahlgren water system question

    What do you do to strip off the excess ink on the ends of the roller train? Image on the end of the plate? Water drags? What is best?
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    Service options for Konica Minolta C8000

    Looking at one of these machines. Why do you ask that out of curiosity?
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    Need your opinions on these machines

    That assures it more but since I posted this I have come to the conclusion the 700i won't cut it.
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    Need your opinions on these machines

    We average about 35,000 surfaces a month. This is on our Nexpress 2100 (2005) which we try to stick with 18.5 x 12.5 sheet size. I am looking at a Xerox 770 and a Ricoh C901. It appears the $$$ saved on a Xerox 700i may be able to make it something to look at. We run a bigger majority of our...
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    Kodak struggles - it's not getting better

    As a Kodak plate user I have had problems getting plates in here. Should this be something I'm worried about even more now. Our plates aren't even made here in the US.
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    Mail Presort Software

    For smaller variable data jobs what is a good mail presorting software that isn't too expensive that will presort the addresses for the variable data print?

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