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  1. cseas

    The Problem Files

    :confused: Salesman on the account: "Come on bro! This is a million dollar account! We gotta do it for them!" :rolleyes:
  2. cseas

    PDF READER for DUMB clients

    That's a common issue. :) Unfortunately. What I do is include a note and link when sending PDFs to a client: Note: Please download latest version of Acrobat Reader. (If necessary) Seems to work. But I do occasionally get someone who has...
  3. cseas

    A Fascinating Film About the Last Day of Hot Metal Typesetting at the New York Times

    Check out this great video:
  4. cseas

    The future of PDF editor softwares - PACKZ vs ArtPro+

    What are the benefits, now, of using either ArtPro+ or PACKZ? I've been working with Esko products for many years, beginning with Artwork-Systems in 2000. At that time we were using their ArtPro software and their RIP. I loved working with ArtPro. In 2011 I began working with another employer...
  5. cseas

    Printer drivers in the RTL Module

    Hello, Is there anyone out there using an HP DesignJet Z6200 with one of the RTL Proofer options? This printer is not in the list but I was wondering if someone was using one of the options. We have a HP DesignJet HP790 printer that we currently use the HP800 option in the RTL module and...
  6. cseas

    AI effect

    it might be flattening the PDF when you prefllght in acrobat. that would resolve the problem. thanks for your input! :)
  7. cseas

    Workflow for proofing to an Epson

    we're using Nexus 9.5
  8. cseas

    Workflow for proofing to an Epson

    hello, i need to create a workflow to send Normalized PDFs to an Epson Printer. if someone has a workflow like this, can you share a screen shot of it so i can see the modules setup? greatly appreciated, :D
  9. cseas

    Anyone here use ArtPro?

    the placement is dependent on the location of the object being copied (type) in relation to the ruler, on that specific doc. so when you copy into new doc, wherever the ruler is on this new doc, the placement will follow suit. i would suggest before you copy the object, on this doc, align your...
  10. cseas

    Prepress Consulting - what do you think?

    i've been doing this for almost 30yrs now. i can count on one hand and remember the names of the designers who new their stuff and even took the effort and interest to call me and ask, and want to learn, how to properly prepare a print-ready file. and other times where i would argue with the CS...
  11. cseas


    hi Villa, check out this previous thread: hope it helps, cesar
  12. cseas

    What do you think of the new "Adobe Cloud?"

    now i remember why i left Facebook... :)
  13. cseas

    What do you think of the new "Adobe Cloud?"

    thanks for the historical info. :) i do remember all that. do you know what are some of the underdog vector/raster softwares out there? i was thinking this might be the time for Esko to perhaps rework their ArtPro software to a more reasonable price for folks to use as an alternative, i loved...
  14. cseas

    What do you think of the new "Adobe Cloud?"

    great thread. thanks to all for the input. it's been very interesting and helpful. it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. it certainly does open the opportunity for developers to create another option in software. but i don't know. there is a reason why other applications fell to...
  15. cseas

    How to apply dot gain?

    hi, depending on what type of RIP you are using, you could create a workflow and add a "dot gain" curve (10-25% etc) or add a curve to a workflow you already have. to verify, place a grayscale chart on the plate that you can read with a plate densitometer. or create one yourself. boxes of...
  16. cseas

    AI effect

    thanks for your reply Lukas. yes, you are correct. we've been researching all day. we found the reason the effect did not reproduce on the plate was due to a white shape on a lower layer, used to knock-out color bars in the Layout. it is an odd situation. any effect in the Transparency Panel...
  17. cseas

    AI effect

    Good morning folks, I have a question regarding an effect in Illustrator that the did not translate through the RIP. An AI file we received from a customer had a box colored in process over an embedded image, cmyk. The box was set to Opacity 90% - Hue. When we exported a Normalized PDF, the...
  18. cseas


    thanks for the info and advice! much appreciated. :)
  19. cseas

    Fit problems printing clear film on HP Printer

    hi folks, we are having fit issues when printing on clear film material on our HP Designjet 5500ps. i found a PDF manual online but didn't see anything about being able to adjust printing. depending on the size of the print, it ranges from 1/32 to 1/8 under actual size. clear film we are using...

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