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  1. cseas

    A Fascinating Film About the Last Day of Hot Metal Typesetting at the New York Times

    Check out this great video:
  2. cseas

    Printer drivers in the RTL Module

    Hello, Is there anyone out there using an HP DesignJet Z6200 with one of the RTL Proofer options? This printer is not in the list but I was wondering if someone was using one of the options. We have a HP DesignJet HP790 printer that we currently use the HP800 option in the RTL module and...
  3. cseas

    Workflow for proofing to an Epson

    hello, i need to create a workflow to send Normalized PDFs to an Epson Printer. if someone has a workflow like this, can you share a screen shot of it so i can see the modules setup? greatly appreciated, :D
  4. cseas

    AI effect

    Good morning folks, I have a question regarding an effect in Illustrator that the did not translate through the RIP. An AI file we received from a customer had a box colored in process over an embedded image, cmyk. The box was set to Opacity 90% - Hue. When we exported a Normalized PDF, the...
  5. cseas

    Fit problems printing clear film on HP Printer

    hi folks, we are having fit issues when printing on clear film material on our HP Designjet 5500ps. i found a PDF manual online but didn't see anything about being able to adjust printing. depending on the size of the print, it ranges from 1/32 to 1/8 under actual size. clear film we are using...
  6. cseas


    i'm looking to buy a Mac for home use and some freelance designing. the new iMacs look nice and are reasonable. i use a Mac Pro at work. industrial machines. :) and pretty expensive. so my question is if anyone is using an iMac at home and running Adobe software. any issues? slow? i know one...
  7. cseas

    Epson Stylus Pro 10600 - Repair man?

    We have an old Epson Stylus Pro 10600 that is in need of service. Can anyone recommend someone to service it, in the Los Angeles area. thanks for your help.
  8. cseas

    Problem saving InDesign files to a server

    hi folks, we're having an issue when saving an ID file to a server on the network. we get an error, "Cannot save "Untitled-1" under a new name. The file "DBTmp2498-837082990" is damaged (Error code: 0)." but we can save to local drive. we are also not being able to open ID files from the...
  9. cseas

    estimating machine hour rate

    hi folks, can anyone advise on how to estimate machine hour rate for the prepress dept? this is a question that was brought to me by a friend, so if you need more info please let me know. thanks, césar
  10. cseas

    copy dot?

    hi folks, anyone know of a company who can copy dot? in the Los Angeles area preferable but not required. thanks, cesar
  11. cseas

    Technote for Color Proofing Nexus 8

    Does anyone have the PDF for this? thanks, cesar
  12. cseas

    Back up And Archiving suggestions

    hi everyone, first off, i discovered this site recently and cannot express how much i enjoy and reference to it on a daily basis. an ocean of thanks to the community. ok, the matter at hand, i've been asked by my new employer to research some backup solutions. also, the best way to remove the...
  13. cseas

    PDF out of InDesign

    We've had problems with fonts re-flowing when opening a PDF exported out of InDesign and opened in Illustrator. (To use the DeskPack Tools) We tried the Create Outlines option in InDesign and that caused problems. I use to work in a shop that had ArtPro and that handled the import of PDF out of...

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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