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    Used Konica Minoltas, Ricoh, and Duplicator for sale

    No longer available.
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    OKI C942 Envelope Printer - consumables limit

    When the fuser reaches 150k impressions, it forces us to replace it. Since they are ~$500 each, we want to push past the 150k impressions until we are unhappy with the output quality. We are mostly just printing a small logo and return address in the upper left corner, so quality is not a huge...
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    2019 Survey of the Graphic Communications Industry

    I received this survey related to our industry and I thought it would be good for others here to participate. From the Graphic Communication Workforce Coalition The Graphic Communication Workforce Coalition (GCWC) is encouraging businesses, service providers, associations, and schools to...
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    DigiFold Pro - folding light stocks

    We need to replace an old Morgana folder that we have ran the wheels off of for more than 10 years. This has been a very solid, reliable machine, so we want to stick with this brand. We also need to add creasing capabilities to our shop. We are debating between getting the separate folder and...
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    Command Workstation: Saving Tab Settings in Compose

    We are an inplant and we run 100's of different training manuals that can range from 200 to 1,000 pages. Each manual needs between 5 and 30 divider tabs with text printed only on the ear of the tab. We typeset/place the tabs using Compose in Command Workstation. Is there a way to save the...
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    OKI C942 Envelope Printer - run quantity limit

    We recently purchased an OKI C942 with a Fiery Controller and envelope feeder. We need to do runs of 5,000 at a time or more. We input a quantity of 5,000 in the Fiery, but the machine only accepts a qty of 999 each time. So that means we need to send the job 5+ times. Is there a way to send...
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    OKI C942 Envelope printer - running #10 windows

    We are an inplant and recently acquired an OKI C942 envelope printer. Started off running #10 regulars long flap edge first, no problems. Then we switched to #10 Windows, long flap edge first, and nothing but jams. The tail edge around the window keeps catching at various points in the feeder...
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    Envelope Printing: IntoPrint DP100GA

    Anyone have an IntoPrint DP100GA or other envelope printer from IntoPrint? What are your thoughts/feedback about it? Thanks

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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