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    Label press recommendation

    Try one of these
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    Pantone Live for flexo color matching

    How does this actually work? I want to believe it does but how can a RGB computer screen guarantee how a job will print on lets say uncoated stock with a matt lamination?
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    New Labels & Packaging Forum

    There is more to it than you think, also add roll directions, gaps between labels for applicators, different adhesives, different stocks for different levels of refrigeration and all different embellishments leaving very little room for error.
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    Folders - Files - renaming, moving issues

    Yep we have the same problem this works Acronis ExtremeZ-IP But you need to find the $$ first
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    Pitstop pro select similar accoss a multi page pdf?

    Hello all, I need to fatten up some type by adding a stroke across a multi page pdf. I can select similar on one page and do it but I need to do this on a 58 page document. Can I do this globally? I am sure I have done this before... I'm using Acrobat 9.5.2 and pit-stop pro 9
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    What is W2P to you and how exactly are you using it?

    Built in flash, good luck with that:rolleyes:
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    Is there any solution to the spray powder mess?

    Make sure you are running the right screen ruling for the type of paper you are printing on. Don't run at 200# job on very porous paper otherwise too much ink will be going down and you will need all the powered to stop set off when perfecting. Also look at reducing your total ink weight to...
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    Artwork catalog and version control software for OSX

    Thanks for the links but I need this more for tracking changes to art, I need a very detailed audit log
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    OPS online print solutions

    Try pressero, fraction of the price and basically same thing.
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    Artwork catalog and version control software for OSX

    Hello all, Can anyone recommend some artwork cataloging and version control software, preferably for OSX. It needs to catalog art and record modifications to files with dates and file sizes. Many thanks
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    PrintPlanet Astroturfing

    Is it just me or is PrintPlanet just becoming big opportunity for print software and hardware vendors to push their products? Seems every post that is made is seen as a opportunity for someone and to try and flog off their products rather than a community trying to help and educate each other...
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    Ganged label imposition software solution please.

    I have actually tried express label print and was not impressed. Support from Compose HK was also very average.
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    Ganged label imposition software solution please.

    Hello Ray I emailed you a few days ago. Did you get it?
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    Ganged label imposition software solution please.

    Thanks for the replies, again I think Metrix is too much for the very simple impositions I need to do. I don't need hundreds and possibly thousands of solutions, I just need one. And I have actually talked to Ultimate before but I could not get the software to work the way I needed it to...
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    Ganged label imposition software solution please.

    Hello all, I am searching for some software that can automatically gang simple label impositions to a fixed width digital web printer. For example this is the order Type 1 = 1000 Type 2 = 1000 Type 3 = 1000 Type 4 = 6000 The type can fit across the web 4 times so this becomes the...
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    Binding Type, need an explanation....

    Sounds like it could be just a fancy way of saying saddle stitched.
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    Pressero web2print

    We have just started with pressero and it does have a lot of bang for buck but the templating system is very slow each task performed is followed by a long loading screen which is very frustrating... If this could be sped up it would be a lot better.
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    MemJet Printers

    I see LG have lauched a memjet printer branded as a machjet check it out LG Machjet LPP6010N | Products | Partners | Memjet they are also selling from ebay for around the $900 mark LG MACHJET LPP6010N Color Printer Memjet PSA Printhead 60ppm 1600X1600dpi A4 Sz | eBay be interesting to see...
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    Open Source (Free) Web to Print Solution

    I have heard a rumor that Zetaprints is about to go opensource
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    Pressero web2print

    Hello people. I am looking into the Pressero web2print system. From what I have read seems to be quite affordable but from a prepress point of view how good is the templating system? Is any one out there using them?

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