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    Pitstop pro select similar accoss a multi page pdf?

    Hello all, I need to fatten up some type by adding a stroke across a multi page pdf. I can select similar on one page and do it but I need to do this on a 58 page document. Can I do this globally? I am sure I have done this before... I'm using Acrobat 9.5.2 and pit-stop pro 9
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    Artwork catalog and version control software for OSX

    Hello all, Can anyone recommend some artwork cataloging and version control software, preferably for OSX. It needs to catalog art and record modifications to files with dates and file sizes. Many thanks
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    PrintPlanet Astroturfing

    Is it just me or is PrintPlanet just becoming big opportunity for print software and hardware vendors to push their products? Seems every post that is made is seen as a opportunity for someone and to try and flog off their products rather than a community trying to help and educate each other...
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    Ganged label imposition software solution please.

    Hello all, I am searching for some software that can automatically gang simple label impositions to a fixed width digital web printer. For example this is the order Type 1 = 1000 Type 2 = 1000 Type 3 = 1000 Type 4 = 6000 The type can fit across the web 4 times so this becomes the...
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    Pressero web2print

    Hello people. I am looking into the Pressero web2print system. From what I have read seems to be quite affordable but from a prepress point of view how good is the templating system? Is any one out there using them?
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    Dynamic PDF proofing with pdf forms?

    Hello people, I have started a new job in labels and I am trying to find a more efficient way of pdf proofing. A the moment we are making dynamic pdf proofs of each label. This is quite time consuming, each label needs quite a lot of information like roll direction, stock, quantity etc etc. To...
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    Automated ganged impostions from web2print orders

    Hello all, I am looking for an automated work-flow solution for ganging web2print orders. Basically i am after An order is placed online for 1000 of one unit and 2000 of another unit (sizes are the same, our media can fit 3up of this size) • Automation system must be able to identify the...

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