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    Air Humidity > Static > Paper Curl

    Hi All, With the new Re-humidifier in the new KM's i thought that it could be possible to create an offline sort of solution that does the same thing, such as an air humidifier just near the output tray of the machine ? Is anyone using Air Humidifiers near their press for this reason and is it...
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    Presentation Folders on digital

    Can't really see on the website how the Xerox ones work but is it similar to the other ones ?
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    Presentation Folders on digital

    Question is, could you pre-cut sheets (obviously leaving the flat edges and some notches to hold them in) and then print on these? This way you could just pre-cut 10,000 of sheets which would be pretty cheap rather than having to send them out do be die-cut for every order (we do not have a...
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    Presentation Folders on digital

    Hi All, I recently discovered another company doing presentation folders on a digital machine.. Not sure how exactly.. One thing i though of is having the flaps pre-cut and then glued onto the front / back section (2-3 parts instead of 1 part), which could be digitally printed... of course the...
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    Inkjet Presses

    So far the driving force behind these machines has been speed, and of course quality would have to be comprimised for speed. But we know inkjet can look fantastic. I mean i don't think there is a toner based machine on the market that can print better, finer and more consistent than say a Epson...
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    KM 6501 - Fiery - colour has never been right ?

    Well, the profiles seem to interpret images differently to vector art. When you through for instance a file with a solid black vector background that has an image which has been flattened (say there is a drop shadow that has been flattened to an image in the middle of the black), the rip prints...
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    KM 6501 - Fiery - colour has never been right ?

    Yes its fairly consistently wrong after calibration. Always too red. I think as stated its what the profiles are doing which is the problem... If you just turn off the profiles it prints as a press should. Bearing in mind that of course the CMY colour of the toners doesn't match offset ink...
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    KM 6501 - Fiery - colour has never been right ?

    Hi, We currently have a 6501 and are looking to put in another shortly. In the 12 months or so we have had our current machine the colour has never been quite right. There has been a magenta cast to everything (we calibrate regularly) infact the only time there isn't a magenta cast is when...
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    Develop ineo+ 6501 rebadge of Konica

    I have only just heard of this machine which is apparently a rebadged Konica... Is this the case and anyone have any experience ? Apparently they are sold out of Europe ?
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    What printer should I buy: iGen4 / Nexpress S2500 / Indigo 3500

    Well.. you learn something new everyday !
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    What printer should I buy: iGen4 / Nexpress S2500 / Indigo 3500

    I don't know... what resolution do you run ? To be able to accurately image a 1-3% screen with ultrafine FM you would need a pretty small pixel size yes ?
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    What printer should I buy: iGen4 / Nexpress S2500 / Indigo 3500

    The way inDesign works, is if a colour is defined as a SPOT COLOUR, most rips can be set to look at the colour name, and make its own decision as to how the colour should be made, rather than looking at the CMYK values associated with that colour swatch in indesign...
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    What printer should I buy: iGen4 / Nexpress S2500 / Indigo 3500

    Indigo is the way to go if you want to match a pantone blue... The violet ink makes the blues 'pop' as you describe.. About the above quote, it is like an offset press but the only issue, contrary to what is stated above, is it rips at a low resolution (600 or max 1200 dpi) so it will never be...
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    konica minolta 6501 vs 6000 vs xerox 700

    Xerox have just come back in with a great price on a 800, which we never thought we would make the leap to just yet, but the price is actually cheaper than the Konica 8000... I think the Konica rep is not giving us the best pricing if this is the case, as i understand the Xerox 800 is a much...
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    konica minolta 6501 vs 6000 vs xerox 700

    Hi All, We currently have an KM-5501 and are needing additional output capacity as we are really slamming it hard... (100,000 + SRA3 per month) My first initial thought was just to add another 5501, as it would double our output capacity, and is the same engine so the same image quality /...
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    Pricing for Variable Images

    Hi All, Just wondering how much more you charge for a mailer with a uDirect or directSmile personalised image ? Do you charge per image ? If you don't want to disclose it here you can PM me if you wish... Just trying to get a guage of how much added value there is in this and how much more...
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    This is what i am talking about in particular... Maybe i didn't make myself clear when i said VD print... Are your customers using this facility ? How many have their own lists vs. how many buy a list ? Do you find customers are reluctant at all to upload their list ? What kind of templates...
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    Nobody ??? Is anyone selling VD print through any online system (uStore or other) ??? It is hard to believe xmPie would spend the time and money to develop this capability and no-one actually uses it in the real world ???
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    C6501 maintenance issues

    We are in Australia and our techs do 'Scheduled Maintenance' once the counters reach 100%... They check the counters each time they come out and when they get to say 90% they order the parts so that next time they come out they can put them in... This is a particularly good practice i don't...
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    konika minolta c6000 vs. xerox x700 vs canon imagepress c1+

    Canon C1+ is not even close to the same league as the Konica or the Xerox... Yes it does 18 A4 prints per minute on bond (plain paper)... As soon as you go to gloss, even light weight gloss, that goes down to about 10 A4 page per minute (5 A3 pages)... heavyweight gloss will be about 3-4...

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