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  1. Tomtech

    Water roller swollen at ends?

    As a tech that has installed and repaired many Crestlines and Kompacs, I have found that Kompacs do seem to run consistently with less trouble but Changing the rollers on your Chrestlines does seem more practical economically. Take good care of your rollers. Good rollers that are adjusted...
  2. Tomtech

    Challenge Not Cutting Bottom Sheet...

    Chock is right. Follow the instructions in the manual. If you don't have one, it is available online from Challenge as a PDF download.
  3. Tomtech

    do imagesetters need to be in a ventilated place?

    I would think that a 12 x 12 room without any ventilation would be uncomfortable even without a processor. At least open a door and let some air in or install an exhaust fan to remove the fumes and allow fresh air in. A small exhaust fan is not expensive and would go a long way to make a safe...
  4. Tomtech

    Cut off

    It is probably in the translation from inches to millimeters. .1 mm is insignificant.
  5. Tomtech

    AB Dick 9850

    Smoffpresspexp, Good advice. Fyi, sometimes powder will get under the lens of the sensor. It enters from the open screw holes (2) on the side of the sensor body. I have succeeded in cleaning it by blasting one hole with canned air. I used to slap a piece of tape over the holes to prevent powder...
  6. Tomtech

    Bindery carts

    Did you check with your equipment salesman? They should have many contacts for equipment in the printing trade.
  7. Tomtech

    Challenge Advance Cutter

    To move it may be difficult due to its weight and cumbersome size. I remember moving newer Challenge cutters like the 305MC. To get them through a 36 inch door, we had to remove the bed and back-gauge assembly. As I recall, there were two bolts on each side passing through the main frame holding...
  8. Tomtech

    Bindery carts

    Shop the web; an easy google search produced the following: or
  9. Tomtech

    Conveyor delivery Astro

    It sounds like the motor overheats and shuts down and will go again when its cool. I am not sure if it is thermally protected or not. If you can monitor the voltage as it runs and see what it does when it stops, it might give you a clue.. if the voltage goes way down, then it may be the speed...
  10. Tomtech

    Paper straws?

    George does put an interesting and amusing spin on the problem but people need to do what we can because the planet is our home as well as a home to countless other living creatures. How about an environmental golden rule. "Do unto the environment as we would like the environment to do to us."...
  11. Tomtech

    Paper straws?

    It seems that people and their overpopulation are the main cause of environmental pollution and its subsequent deterioration, is there a solution to that? Mother Nature seemed to do pretty well when they were not around.
  12. Tomtech

    Prochem California Wash?

    Try a last cleanup sheet with alcohol to remove some residual oil. That is likely what is causing the emulsification of the ink on the next run.
  13. Tomtech

    AB Dick 9920 Sheet Jogger

    smalloffsetpressexperts, you are right about Presstech, but I had enough years in to retire. I will respond to questions about AB Dicks and any post press machines I know about. I will look for your posts.
  14. Tomtech

    AB Dick 9920 Sheet Jogger

    Thanks for the parts break down. This is all new stuff since I retired from ABD/Presstech, but there is what is called a switch (call out 63) that would attach to the stationary side guide that may be the sensor you are looking for to trigger the solenoid that would trigger the receding stacker...
  15. Tomtech

    Challenge / Champion 305 Cutter - Slow Clamp Return

    From the photo, it looks like one side is higher than the other. If so, it is probably binding. Follow the mechanics from the clamp cylinder to the clamp and check for excess play especially on the side that is low. There are links, one on each side that pull the clam down; check them for wear...
  16. Tomtech

    Polar Guillotine cuts without using foot pedal

    Modern day power cutters work that way. Even the low cost triumphs.
  17. Tomtech

    Speaking of old guillotine cutters ......

    Some blade sharpening companies can make new ones to your specifications. Check the web. Google paper cutter knives, see what you get/.
  18. Tomtech

    You know you're old when . . .

    You youngsters! My first computer experience used punch cards!
  19. Tomtech

    I need some help/Questions about AB Dick 360

    If they were set for 5 mil and the 8 mil is now the standard I would reset them and also my Master Cylinder support arms so they don't bounce so much. When the master cyl. latches and the support arms may separate as the cyl. hits the lead edge of the blanket and come together when they fall...
  20. Tomtech

    Itek 3985 NOPS side guide has tons of play.

    Service manual help?

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