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    Air Humidity > Static > Paper Curl

    Hi All, With the new Re-humidifier in the new KM's i thought that it could be possible to create an offline sort of solution that does the same thing, such as an air humidifier just near the output tray of the machine ? Is anyone using Air Humidifiers near their press for this reason and is it...
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    Presentation Folders on digital

    Hi All, I recently discovered another company doing presentation folders on a digital machine.. Not sure how exactly.. One thing i though of is having the flaps pre-cut and then glued onto the front / back section (2-3 parts instead of 1 part), which could be digitally printed... of course the...
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    KM 6501 - Fiery - colour has never been right ?

    Hi, We currently have a 6501 and are looking to put in another shortly. In the 12 months or so we have had our current machine the colour has never been quite right. There has been a magenta cast to everything (we calibrate regularly) infact the only time there isn't a magenta cast is when...
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    Develop ineo+ 6501 rebadge of Konica

    I have only just heard of this machine which is apparently a rebadged Konica... Is this the case and anyone have any experience ? Apparently they are sold out of Europe ?
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    konica minolta 6501 vs 6000 vs xerox 700

    Hi All, We currently have an KM-5501 and are needing additional output capacity as we are really slamming it hard... (100,000 + SRA3 per month) My first initial thought was just to add another 5501, as it would double our output capacity, and is the same engine so the same image quality /...
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    Pricing for Variable Images

    Hi All, Just wondering how much more you charge for a mailer with a uDirect or directSmile personalised image ? Do you charge per image ? If you don't want to disclose it here you can PM me if you wish... Just trying to get a guage of how much added value there is in this and how much more...
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    Hi, Just had for the first time the experience of using uStore to create a personalized Christmas card (on another printers website)... The process seems a little clunky, I'm pretty sure we could modify our own web-2-print system to do the same thing but a bit tidier... But my question is, is...
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    KM 6501 question

    Hi All... We have had a 6501 for about 3 months now and its a great machine barring one issue that keeps popping up... About once a week, we start to get a thin line running down the sheet like it has been scratched... The only way to fix it is for the techs to come out and vacuum out the...
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    Maximum output file size - XMPie

    Hi, Just wondering if there is a maximum file size for XMPie to be able to output as PDF... we have a job with heavy image personalisation and we have had to split it up a lot because when we run it as a complete set it seems to crash upon distilling the postscript (or at imposition i'm not...
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    PURL format question

    Hi, We have been doing PURL's for quite a while and would just like some opinions on the formatting... Some of our customers request: And some others (the fewer) request: or In the above example i like to put...
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    Opinions on off-line booklet makers for digital

    Hi, Just looking at some solutions for off-line booklet making... I am told that we need a suction feed collator system rather than a friction feed system... I am also considering not having the collator towers just a stitcher and trimmer module as we are only doing small sets really...
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    Banding on vignettes - KM5501 - Embedded Fiery

    Hi All, Am having issues with banding in vignettes on a 5501... I have tried turning off the profiles which helps a bit but doesn't fix it... I have rasterised the image and this helps a bit also but doesn't eliminate it... Any thoughts ???
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    Heavy coverage side first or second ???

    Hi, I remember reading that you should print the side with the heaviest coverage either first or second i can't recall... Can someone confirm which ???
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    Ultimate digital print test sheets

    Hi All, I thought it would be great to collect some great digital print test sheet files here as we all know that when ppl go to demo machines the reps always have test files that show off the best of the press... If you have really problematic files please upload them here and explain why...
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    Hi, I am looking at upgrading to a bigger digital machine and i thought i had it dialed in to either a xerox 700 or konica 5601... but now i'm not sure... We currently have an imagepress C1 doing about 20,000 clicks of colour per month... The machine is physically incapable of doing more than...
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    What is W2P to you and how exactly are you using it?

    Hi, I have found the term web2print to cover quite a large range of services and just wanted to get an idea of what you are all using it for... I have built my own web2print system specifically for generating PDF files ie. The customer picks a template, adds in text and images and gets an...
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    Opinions an comments wanted...

    Hi, I am currently a small digital print provider and looking to upgrade my machine shortly... My question is not relating to which machine to buy, as i have read about as many opinions as i can take! My question is an observation sort of... I come from an off-set printing background...

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