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  1. onprintshop

    W2P design templates / vector graphic library?

    Normally you can start with a Web-to-Print platform that offers Complimentary templates with their platform. After that, you need to check how easy to add templates or create new templates so you can replicate/create/duplicate and add unique templates in your store. Our platform has 7000...
  2. onprintshop

    Online Document Editor/Designer?

    If you are looking for a feature where your client can select product, size & upload file and proof the the document against selected product & sizes than check this quick demo - Upload file Proofing Tool Demo
  3. onprintshop

    HTML 5 drag and drop designer for existing web 2 print solution

    You can check our most stable & award-winning Multiple HTML 5 Designer Studios. It is available with flexible Web Services Based Plugin so you can integrate with or multiple storefronts. Also you can lock/unlock, edit all elements within a studio depending on your product & target audience...
  4. onprintshop

    How do you see your business affected during COVID-19?

    That is great Strategy. Let us know if you need any help building Online Store for Real Estate Clients. We have helped few clients build storefront targeting to Real Estate - &
  5. onprintshop

    How do you see your business affected during COVID-19?

    We understand the current situation is not very promising and everything looks very down, but I am sure you would agree that it won't stay for long & things will get to normal pretty soon. Our understanding working with few of the worlds most successful companies is that they have benefited...
  6. onprintshop

    Cheap web to print system

    We have few of our clients offering Packaging products with different stock & paper options and end client gets instant estimate and upload file. Still, we need to check your key products, prices & how you estimate them to see if it would fit in our Solution. We can provide you some insights if...
  7. onprintshop

    Experience with Design’N’Buy

    What are your goals for looking at the product? If you share more in detail, we can share relevant projects we have done. Just for your info, we offer complete Web-to-Print & also Stand Alone Designer Studio API to connect with eCommerce
  8. onprintshop

    Advice about specific web to print job

    We have quite many of clients using OPS migrated to us. We have Data Import in Excel/CSV and also set up services to migrate all your key accounts. We can have a discussion & see how your current system is set up for your client ordering via Spreadsheet and can do POC(proof of concept) in our...
  9. onprintshop

    Creating a Business Front Website

    I agree to the response shared by Offset Storefront. However not all web-to-print is so expensive offering all control. We have launched 2 Special cost-effective SaaS plans for PSPs who wish to launch Professional B2C/Retail Storefront where Printers get complete control to market & personalize...
  10. onprintshop

    Made the jump to an online print shop?

    We have few of our customer achieved the 100% orders through Web-to-Print, & You can read their full story here - 55printing & PrintPPS
  11. onprintshop

    Online Proof Software

    If your major time goes in getting artwork approval by sending files to customer & wait for them to approve. And even recording multiple iterations, notes, changes suggest by customers & what actions your internal team have taken on it. Than check what we have developed called Design proofing...
  12. onprintshop

    We´re looking for fresh ideas to expand our bussiness

    Matias, first of all great to see that you are looking for ways to grow. One way to grow is to streamline existing operations. Like automating the daily repetitive tasks so you need less people to process more jobs. Now the concern is you get fewer jobs per day than you need to think of way...
  13. onprintshop

    Software comparison

    You can break your goals in Phases like what do you need the most to start right now. web to print or MIS or both. Depending on data, facts, internal discussion you can think of going with both or either or to begin with. Also, both systems make sense when you have the considerable number of...
  14. onprintshop

    B2C W2P Solution Questions (Pressero?)

    Please find responses to your questions inline. - For those that have used or are currently using Pressero, what is your feedback - both positive and negative? >> Pressero is a very good solution. Your goal is to launch B2C/Retail so look for a solution which has strong Advanced Marketing &...
  15. onprintshop

    What is the percentage of order you manage via Web-to-Print?

    Thank you for your quick response. It make sense for Infrequent buyers orders managed via traditional manners. Than the real question is - are you able to cope up handling manually starting from Print Estimation to file receiving, artwork approval, billing, production & delivery? Average it says...
  16. onprintshop

    What is the percentage of order you manage via Web-to-Print?

    Hi All, According to a very interesting report published by NAPCO recently ''Running a Profitable Printing Business - A PLAYBOOK FOR DEFINING STRATEGIES AND SOLUTIONS FOR SUCCESS'' (Download Full Report) Customer demands from Printers for Shorter Turn Arounds(72%), Short Run Lengths (67%)...
  17. onprintshop

    On Demand Direct Mail

    Hi Mitch, Are you looking for Web-to-Print? We have customers who are in Direct Mail using our Solution integated with USPS EDDM, Mail List Provider like USA Data, AccuData, Mailers Heaven. Just check & see if it is something you looking for -
  18. onprintshop

    Error pageflex extension

    Sincere apologies if you felt the same.
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    Error pageflex extension

    No sir, I am not. Even my membership names says ''OnPrintShop'' & in profile having all details. Thanks for response though.

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