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  1. dabob

    Xerox 770 supplies

    We have a some Xerox 770 supplies that we thought some of our friends on the forum could use . . . We had a deal with a local printer but his 770 is out the door so his loss could be your gain. 4 Fusers 3 Black Drums 5 Color Drums 1 Waste Container 7 Yellow Toner Cartridges 9 Red Toner...
  2. dabob

    Ricoh 7100 UV not adhering to large solids . . .

    We recently have an issue with our UV coating not wanting to stick to the toner on our Ricoh 7100 . . . any ideas - no supplier change lately and our supplier doesn't have a clue.
  3. dabob

    Is there something I'm missing???

    I've got a live one, a customer created a 26 page (never mind that the page count wont work for saddle stitching) and gave it to me in one photoshop document with 26 layers (with sub-layers). Is there any easier way to get it into InDesign than using the layer options dialog box? Is there any...
  4. dabob

    Opinions Wanted - Canon image PROGRAF PRO-2000

    Having just had enough of the problems of our Epson 7900 we are considering replacing it with a Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 Any input from someone who is familiar with this printer would be appreciated, I know its new but here's to hoping somebody out there has first hand experience with it or...
  5. dabob

    Epson Stylus Pro 7900 problems . . . .

    We have been running a 7900 pro for our contract proofs and lately have been plagued with thin lines running across the sheet. We had a service guy in and said that it was due to scratched heads and plugging from a dirty environment, it sits in the front office, albieit within 25 feet of an...
  6. dabob

    Sickinger punch parts . . . .

    Well . . . I just thought I would throw this out here . . . we recently, at an online auction, "won" a sickenger ups-13 punch machine, it came with two dies. One is a 3:1 with 4x4 mm punch pins and the other a 2:1 with 4x5.5 mm punch pins. Thats all well and good . . . but it appears that the...
  7. dabob

    How many of you would accept this as a proofing strategy?

    We have a customer, a housing development company, that has 10 or 12 brochures that their "designers" (aka secretaries that have a copy of InDesign on their computers) create files for us to print. Currently, (not my idea) we take their work, check for "printability" i.e. bleeds, and proper...
  8. dabob

    Anybody seen this . . . HP/Incigo 50,000

    Yeppp thats right a 50,000 - thats not a typo . . . Open in new window
  9. dabob

    Xerox Versant 80 v Ricoh C7100X which is the better machine?

    Ok this is coming down the the wire! We need advice. We have made a decision to upgrade our Xerox 770 to either a Versant 80 or a Ricoh C7100X. They are both quoting the same price for the same options, ie booklet maker, de curler, feed drawers. They are matching each other's click charges. The...
  10. dabob

    This isn't humor . . . but it is a beautiful piece of work . . .

    This is a beautiful pice of work . . .
  11. dabob

    Adobe vs Heidelberg . . .????

    This is something that has been happening infrequently and we have always found work arounds . . Yesterday I got a .ai file with some transparency used on an Illustrator element and then there were two photos (wine bottles) with a transparent background placed into the file. When I ran the...
  12. dabob

    Looking for an inexpensive number up calculator

    We have a repeating job that has many versions of a form that we can run 20 up on a sheet - the last run was 14 originals mixed quantites for a total of 135,000 pieces. We have been figuring out by scratching our heads in the past and was wondering if there was a app that would do the hard work...
  13. dabob

    changing the guide side on an MBO folder

    Was just talking to a guy in a trade bindery and he said they changed the guide from one side (towards the operator) to the other . . . anybody else heard of such a thing or is he just yanking my chain????
  14. dabob

    Has anybody tried the Intoprint DP50 Envelope Printer

    In our continuing discussions with the vendors for an upgrade to our 770 one vendor is "throwing in" a Intoprint DP50 Envelope Printer - anybody familiar with this . . . it looks a litte cheesy to me . . .
  15. dabob

    Fuser Temps???

    Can anyone give me an idea of the actual fuser roller temps of a Xerox 770 or Versant 80 when it contacts the sheet? Or the possible range of temperatures???? Thanks
  16. dabob

    Questions about the Versant 80

    Xerox has offered us one heck of a deal on a Versant 80 . . . we are currently running a 770 and are pleased with it. The new arrangement would apparently cost us about 120 dollars US more a month. Any comments? Also I seem to recall the versant family being able to run a 660 mm sheet through...
  17. dabob

    Die cutting plates for a conventional offset press Heidelberg SM72

    I remember back in the recesses of my mind that somebody makes die cutting/perfing plates that mount on the plate cylinder and die cut or perf similar to using a real cylinder die-cutter . . . we have a job that required a micro perf and its 4/1 it would be really nice to be able to do this in...
  18. dabob

    Just a rant and a question . . .

    Lately I have been amazed at the laziness of some of my customers, for example we have a large firm (over 100 employees) that orders business cards just by saying we need another 500 of Mike Wilsons business cards - you have the information. now we have done over 30 runs of cards for them all...
  19. dabob

    FTP Alternatives??????

    Due to our credit card companies rules we are shutting down our ftp server . . what is out there that allows free or inexpensive file transfer of files 100+ gigs?????
  20. dabob

    Best looooong term archiving medium?????????

    Kinda off topic but was wondering what the general opinion was on what is the best long term storage medium. I have more than 150 gigs of photos I would like to archive for long term storage . . . right now I am keeping them on a mirrored raid but am looking for a way to pass them along to...

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