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    Kodak 240p, Type 1

    I'm curious if anyone has the LAB values for this media (Kodak 240p, Type 1), and if so, would you mind to post them or send them to me privately? Thanks.
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    Dot sharpening?

    Do current brands of thermal plates sharpen on press? If so, are there ranges of expectations for them to sharpen, i.e., 2% at 50, etc. Would thermal sharpen more or less than violet? Thanks for any info.
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    plate testing

    I've read a lot on this forum about various attributes pertaining to specific plates but not much about how to really compare them in the pressroom. I have suggested that the best way to test would be to request linear plates from the manufacturer with identical images on each. In this way, the...
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    disabling edge detection in HP-Z

    Is anyone familiar with the procedure for turning off edge detection in the HP-Z printers? We have a short term need to be able to do this for purposes of printing on a clear media with no edge stripes. Any help would be appreciated.

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