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  1. almaink

    Shooter box

    Our shooter box shxx the bed over the weekend. Does anyone know if any old PC work or if I need to buy something special to replace it? I called Fuji and they pretty much told me if I do that it may or may not work. If I buy one from their guy its a slam dunk and they can have me back up...
  2. almaink

    Illustrator CS6 security update.

    For whatever reason Adobe isn't going to tell you about this fix. I found it here Apple/Mac/OS X News, Tips and Tech Articles - Here is the link to the Adobe page. Adobe Security Bulletin WTF isn't Adobe Software manager application doing this? If I hadn't seen the link at...
  3. almaink

    Illustrator CS6

    Is this some new nightmare from Adobe? I got an ai file today and instead of what I expected to see when I tried to pace it into an Indesign file I got this message. Since I don't have Illustrator CS6 I couldn't use the file and it put production back a whole day. Good luck with this CC BS if...
  4. almaink

    InDesign CS5.5

    Been trying to use InDesign CS5.5 but I don't like the way things are selected. WHY do I get what looks like a group if I select more than one object? PITFA. I hated when they did this in Illustrator now I have it in InDesign as well. Please tell me I can turn it off and go back to the way it...
  5. almaink

    PDf exported from InDesign can't be placed and re-exported/

    Once again this rears it's ugly head. I got two very simple PDF files both exported from InDesign CS4 both using Adobe PDF Library 9. I place them into an InDesign CS2 template for export to PDF and the export fails. I "optimized" in Acrobat for Acrobat 4 and still it fails to export. All this...
  6. almaink

    Pdf exported from InDesign can't be placed and re-exported/

    I've been seeing this for a while now and wonder why. I have a file that was created in InDesign CS2. I export to PDF , place into a InDesign plate template from Rampage and export. I get "file failed to export". No other information. Same PDF placed into INDesign CS3 exports no problem. I've...
  7. almaink

    PDF won't relink

    Odd one here. I have templates set up in InDesign. 28 pagers 32 pagers and so on. What I do is place a PDF then re-link new PDF's that have the same specs. Got an odd issue here now. New 28 page PDF will not re-link. Says "Failed to open the PDF file". Both PDF's are exactly the same, size, and...
  8. almaink

    Invisible Text in PDF

    I got a real dosie here. Pagemaker 6.5 to Postscript to PDF. PDF's check out ok. Place them into InDesign CS2 (also tried CS3 with same results). Resulting PDF's have invisible Helvetica text on the same page where it's visible. In Acrobat 6 or 7, if I select the invisible text Pit Stop tells me...
  9. almaink

    InDesign CS2 Export to PDF issues

    I have a customer supplied InDesign CS3 PDF, 184 pages all black text. I impose into 32 page sheet wise signatures in Indy CS2 and it will not export to PDF. I get no real error just "File failed to export to PDF". I also tried just a few pages in CS2 at page size (6.5 x 9.5) and I get the same...
  10. almaink

    RAMpage 10.5

    So RAMPage just sent me the 10.5 update. Anyone install it yet? Any issues with jobs already in RAMpage ripped in version 10.4 awaiting proof approvals? Is the PDF trap engine faster? I'm a little leery about updating with current jobs in there awaiting plate approval.
  11. almaink

    Illustrator 10 pallets

    Got an issue with Illy 10. It launches but I get no text titles in pallets, no numbers in rulers, and no numbers in any pallet. I trashed preferences, no go, reinstalled, still no go. I also cleaned out my font caches and made sure the font Myriad is active, still no go. I tried calling Adobe...

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