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  1. Zerge

    cxf values
  2. Zerge

    Duplicated book without moire and created CTP plate curves

    Here is a good (IMHO — «must understand») giude for AM, FM and Hybrid screening.
  3. Zerge

    Software for Valiani cutter

    Hello! We have a mat cutter Valiani Mat pro cmc iX with native software Future mat designer. We use it to check boxes before designing a die cuts or for a prior approval with the customer. Strange, uncomfortable program: only 3 passepartout, very low number of cutting-creasing lines — I can't...
  4. Zerge

    So How many prepress technicians got laid off because of Covid-19

    Middle packaging business in province. Hmm no one got laid off and we hired two more specialists since March, 28 — the beginning of quarantine in Russia. .. There is an anecdote on the topic of conversation: — Ivan, has this virus infected you yet? — No, Dima, so far only f#cked up.
  5. Zerge

    What is printing standard for paper box packaging?

    Hi. ISO 12647-2 is Its about processes, not about materials (carton, paper, etc.)
  6. Zerge

    Interface Not Supported Prinergy Evo 3.x

    Hi! Can't see PE840 and Server 2003 in supported HW and OS even for Evo 6.x and 8.x. You don't have to worry about the older 3.x... The absence of errors during installation does not imply correct performance, heh. Look here: Workflow Documentation - Documentation - Kodak Workflow Documentation...
  7. Zerge

    inline inspection

    Last year we are using iCP — Inline Color Pilot (Manroland). Only two changes — control strip located at the front of the sheet and the printing valve is enlarged from 13 to 17.5 mm.

Automatically Autonomous Automation

Automatically Autonomous Automation
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