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    Rounded corner spines perfect binding

    Sawasdee Krab. I'm from Thailand. My customer required round corner only spines. It tear off after use round corner manual machine. The book' thickness 1.5 cm. How process is it?
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    Duplicated book without moire and created CTP plate curves

    Got it. I read your blog for long time. When will you start new Blog?
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    Duplicated book without moire and created CTP plate curves

    Yes.I scan for making files and run production by offset printing
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    Duplicated book without moire and created CTP plate curves

    Hi. I'm from Bangkok Thailand. I got the screen pictures black & white book. I scanned by flated bed . Customer requested new job without moire and no dot gains.every sense looks seem original. How I can solved moire and created CTP plate curves? Thank you for idea
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    Approved color

    Hello. I'm from Thailand . In America and Europe who approved color for offset printer between print supervisor and Q.A? I have two shifts operations
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    Thank you everybody. T've got many knowledges
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    HP Indigo 5500 black&white print out problem

    Hello. My files are black & white jobs but when I printed out ,it is 4 color screen.How to adjust ? Thank you for knowledges.
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    Create color bar for SM102 ZP

    Hello. I have X-Rite Exact 6 mm apertures and I know ink key widths are 32.5 mm . How I create doubling and slur check boxes? Are there standards? Thank you for recomendations
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    CIP3 Files

    How PDF files from customer and prepress workflow create CIP3 files for pre-setting?
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    Quality standard for casebound book

    Hi guys . I bought secondhand Aster sewing machine and Kolbus to expland new market. I have to set production standard. How can I start?
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    Color matching between Indigo and offset

    My local HP Indigo 5500 agent created 39l , 47l profile but my jobs used many kinds of paper such as Antallis paper . When we printed proof on Toccata paper for offset matching. Why I can't use same ink density for both Indigo and offset ? Thank you for recomendations
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    FM Screen 30 microns highlight dots lost on CRON CTP

    Our prinect calibration manager create process calibration for 20 microns but I put 30 microns to used it printing on uncoated stock Norminal 5,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,95 Process 11.6 / 22.2/ 40.9 / 55.7 / 68 / 77.3 / 84.7 / 90 / 94.3 / 97.4 / 98.8 Measured = same as process problem is...
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    What is printing standard for paper box packaging?

    Sorry. I mean offset printing for thicker stock such as 4c process +2pms color on single side coated paper 500 grams
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    How to measure opaque white ink film thickness on balck colour paper

    Hi Guys My new order is printing pantone pms on black colour paper . The previous jobs have to print opaque white ink on black paper and let it dry before print pms. How I measure and control opaque white ink film thickness ? I've Techkon Spectroden" Thank you for idea

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