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    Terrible Ricoh experience - anyone rejected a machine?

    I recently agreed to purchase a Ricoh machine but found it terribly disappointing and it wasn't fit for purpose - I have a list as long as my arm on reasons why but it looks like they're forcing it to go legal. Could anyone who's successfully rejected a machine please PM me with advice?
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    Things to be aware of in contract leases?

    Hi all, Until now I've run a few used digital machines I've sourced online but maintenance has always been the issue - I'm pretty handy at keeping them running now but some issues are insurpassable and I have to get tech's out on a call-charge basis. However, the maintenance side of things is...
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    Can Small Format UV Quality Rival Larger Industrial?

    I have a small format UV machine (Morgana Digicoater 33) - I've experimented with a couple of different gloss suppliers and our current coating does the job/has an ok finish but it still doesn't come close to the deep, smooth gloss from the commercial finishers we use. However, I'd like to do...
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    Digital stock consistency problem

    Was hoping someone could help - I'm a digital printer and have had a large quantity of card stock supplied from a 3rd party. I was provided with samples to test beforehand, which I did and was happy with. On delivery of the full consignment I've found there are two qualities of stock - they are...
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    Recommended 12 station collator?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a SRA3 12 station collator, likely be handling coated digitally printed stock - don't have a big budget though, so will be scraping around the used market! Would the Horizon AC1200 do the job (friction fed)? Any machines I should look at/avoid? Thanks
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    QM46 - plate not contacting blanket

    Was hoping someone could point in the direction of how to solve a problem that's cropped up on our QM - suddenly the plate cylinder on PU2 doesn't seem to be making contact with the blanket. What mechanisms would cause this?
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    DPM2340 Can't Be Found

    I've had a DPM for several years now, it's been pretty much trouble free. It connects via SCSI to an XP machine (it originally came with an NT machine but I managed to get the software working on XP, minus some functions like temp monitoring). It's run fine on this for a couple of years, used it...
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    UV Coater with KM - Tec vs Duplo

    I've been considering a coater for a while now and have narrowed it down to 2 machines, though they're a little different in spec. Just looking for thoughts/experiences. First up, we have the Tec XtraCoat Mini. I like that it's compact, I can buy new, it's tried & tested with KM, quick & easy...
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    Could any CREO users help me out? (KM6500)

    I'm used to working on the Fiery, but now on the IC304 Creo (v2.1). I read so many thing about how great it is, but I'm finding everything a major battle compared to the Fiery! I've got quite a few niggling issues I was hoping someone could help with.... 1) Copy parameters? I do a lot of jobs...
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    Heidelberg QM46 Circumferential Register Jammed

    I've managed to jam the registration shift on PU2 of the QM46 - could anyone advise on a way to free it up? I've had an engineer take a look but he's not that experienced on the QM, said he can't see any way to fix it without removing the whole head (big job he wouldn't take on!) but that maybe...
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    General Creasing/Scoring question...

    I've had a supplier crease some heavy stock for me on a Heidelberg Cylinder but the crease doesn't allow the board to stay folded at all, it wants to spring open which isn't much use. They used a 2 point matrix, but are blaming the stock (415mic), saying there's no solution - think they tried a...
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    Looking for Morgana Autocreaser 70820 Manual

    Could anyone help me out - I've got an older Autocreaser and whilst PDFs for the newer models are online, I can't find any for this. The model is 70820 -it's the version without the separate mounted LCD screen, just the red LCD built into the frame/controls.
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    UV Coaters & KM (again) - Tec?

    I'm running a C6500 and have been considering a coater for a while. I've read through any previous threads I could find - there's obviously a few options available that might manage with a lot of fiddling, but I want something that has 100% confidence, and consensus in the past seemed to be on...
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    QM46 Dampening Adjustment issue

    I've got a QM46-2 and have been having problems with the PU1 damp unit since day one - I've got all the nips for the distribution, metering & form rollers at 2mm. However, in the manual there's an adjustment screw (page 159, section 4.4, diagram 9, screw #2) for the damp roller at the top -...
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    Squeak on AB Dick DPM - service?

    I've got an old Dpm2340 - had it about 5 years and must confess, I've never serviced it in any way other than a bit of oil on the chains (doesn't get a huge amount of use). Recently, I've noticed there's a periodical squeak from the machine whilst it's sitting at idle (every 10 seconds or so...
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    Patchy print - seems like a stock problem?

    Was wondering if anyone could advise - we had postcards manufactured by a 3rd party, which we later overprint. For our latest batch we went with a new coated stock, however, it's causing major problems with overprinting, specifically weak patchy print (not to mention the fact it doesn't seem to...
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    Software Install Issues for DPM/Printers RIP5

    Was hoping someone could help me with these issues - we've got a DPM2340 but it runs off an ancient Win NT RIP (Harlequin RIP 5.3 rev 4a). I had the bright idea of trying to install the software onto a newer machine in order to network it but it's given me no-end of problems! After literally a...
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    Nip thickness for QM46 with poly plates?

    Looking to confirm the nip widths for a QM46-2 using poly plates - the manual gives nips/stripes for 0.15 metal plates, the poly's I'm using are 0.08, so would I just double any nip values?
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    Indigo vs Heidelberg QM DI

    Was hoping someone could give me some advice on this topic - I've tried searching the web but the comparison never really seems to come up. I'm considering a machine on which to print greetings cards and now that some of the digital presses are a few years older they're becoming viable price...
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    Digital press for 350gsm?

    Was wondering if anyone can help - I've got a small business and I'm looking for a digital press that I could manufacture greetings cards on (~350gsm). They'd mainly be photographic and I'm not fussy about spot colour. I had been looking at an Indigo turbostream but it looks like the lack of...

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